Help Identify the Reconners in this photo. If you know or think you know who anyone is send email to George Neville

See the note below the photo for more information

Click on the photo for a larger version

Dwight Harper who recently found us has sent me the attached picture of a
group of Recons from 67. We believe they are all Charlie Company but not
sure. This is important because two of the men in this picture were killed
on the patrol they were preparing to go out on. 

I do not think the Kia's have been ID'd yet as we are missing
identification of a few of our men that gave all. 

Please take a look and if you can ID anyone in this picture please let me
know even if you know they returned from VN because we will need their
names also for the gallery..

The Marine in the front without the shirt on is Lt. Jerry Siler and his
team that is in greese paint was going out on patrol. In the second row
first on left is Dwight Harper. Dwight thinks the man next to him was a
"Doc" and was KIA.

We are also not sure of the date of this photo. The photo is a group pic
with other reco's in the pic as well as Jerry Silers Team.

Need help!

Semper Fidelis,