by Dale Manley

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The names....
M. Nunez, Brawley Ca., Ernie C. Mandel, AZ, Charles P. Naldea, OR., Edison Carle, Detroit MI., Donald Blackman, Andrew Anderson, Missoula Montana, Roger D. See, Bob Thompson, Toledo, OH., Charles W. Swenson, Jesus Rubinol, Jr., Bakersfield, CA., Stephen Kramis, Dallas, TX., Robert J. Eumier, Summerville, SC., Luis E. Gutierrz, Puerto Rico, Bill Halbert, Tampa, FL., JD Sullivan, Herman, Pollard, CA., Donald H. Karoski, MI., Gene "Bo" Bowen, Flint, MI., Raymond A. Matjasie, Jr., Terry Anderson, SLC, Utah., Harry Diaz, NY., Jerold J. Melcowski "little ski" Mich., Bernie Ray Rice, Corpus Christi, TX., Donald Lu Fisher, Jr., Wayne Bruce Petty, William S. Devenney, Ray Lopez Bloomington, CA., JM "Barney" Barnell, Pasadena, CA., Manual A. Estrada, Phoenix, Ralph Ahusmger, New Mexico, Dale Manley, Dodge City, Kansas

Dale Manly wrote: "I am pretty sure that Andrew Anderson was our Corpsman and I think JD Sullivan was the other one....? If it was Sullivan as I remember he wanted to carry the M60. He was one gung ho salior and should have been a Marine... hahahah!"