Ed Palm

Ed Palm

Cam Hieu hamlet, Thon Vinh Dai village, halfway between Dong Ha and Cam Lo, just off Highway 9, Quang Tri Province:
Vietnamese Girl.

Ed Palm served with the U.S. Marine Corps' Combined Action Program in 1967. He was stationed in Quang Tri Province between Dong Ha and Cam Lo. His unit was Papa Three. He states that he was an aspiring photojournalist at the time and took many pictures, "mainly of the people of the village I was stationed in [there]." Ed Palm states that he "exhibited and won some regional and Internet awards with my CAP photos. More recently, I've contributed four cover photos for issues of the Vietnam War Generation Journal."  The Vietnam War Generation Journal has since ceased to exist.

Ed Palm went back to Vietnam in 2002 to revisit the village Cam Hieu (where he served during the Vietnam war). He photographed some of the people who live there now. Luckily, we can see some of Ed Palm's photographs from 1967 and 2002 here at The Arts of War and Peace Gallery. Please visit Ed Palm's web site (see below) to see more of these photos.

Ed Palm is a retired U.S. Marine major. He retired from the Corps in 1993, and has since been a professor, a department head and a dean.

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