Cannery Row

Grey Owl

Chu Lai Rice Paddy

Resupply at DMZ

Kwakiutl Potlatch


On march 23, 2000, Eric wrote this: I was accepted by Chicagos National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum last fall, with 4 original paintings. And just recently a real shot in the arm, the march issue of U.S. Marines Leatherneck magazine featured my art on the cover and one with the story they did on our unit 3rd Bn. 7th Marines. Just thought I'd let you know that we are still live and kicking. Have great one, all the best. Eric Nevatie USMC Artist

Congratulations, Eric!

He can also be reached at 5924 Oliver Road, Nanaimo, B. C., CANADA - V9T 6G6 Phone: (250) 751-2408 or Voice/Fax: (250) 756-4228. Eric served with the USMC, India Company, 3rdBn, 7th Marines weapons section from 1966 to 1967. Some of Eric's pictures are available in Art Card form and in Limited Edition prints. He also is involved in making "mouse pads" using his art work for very reasonable prices, same as with his other art work.

Eric's home page is

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