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Mike Leahy's USMC Art Work




The Cost Was High.
"October 1967, in the Hai Lang Forest, south of Quang Tri, during Operation Medina. Delta Co. 1/1 skipper reflects on his unit's coming to the aid of an ambushed brother company, in the dense piedmont. Edition of 190 prints with 10 artist's proofs."



Emergency Extraction.

"A VMO UH-1E rescues several wounded Marines while under fire from a low ridge near the Rockpile in Vietnam. Not only signed and numbered by the artist, but also signed by the Huey helicopter pilot pictured, former Captain Alan H. Barbour USMC. Edition of 525 prints, with 50 artist's proofs."



Recon Team Extract.

Red Lion UH-34s of HMM-363 pull a Marine Recon Team out of a hot landing point along a ridge in Elephant Valley, I Corps, RVN on November 11, 1967.  Edition of 950 prints, with 50 artist's proofs.





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