Richard J. Olsen's Vitae
Richard J. Olsen
Born: November 15, 1935, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  Address: 165 Springdale Street Athens, GA 30605,
Phone (706) 548-7616; fax (706) 542-0226; email
Education 1966 MFA, University of Wisconsin, Madison, (Painting/Printmaking) 1963-1966
  1958 1958 BS, University of Wisconsin, Madison
University 1969-00 The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia,
Teaching 00-pres Professor of Art, Emeritus
Honors and Awards 1998-00 General Sandy Beaver Teaching Professorship, University of Georgia
  1996-98 Senior Faculty Grants Award Program, University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
International conference 1996 Panelist: Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Tampere, Finland
  1988-94 "As Seen By Both Sides", twenty American artists selected by Lucy Lippard and
twenty Vietnamese artists selected by Hanoi and Ho Chi Ming City Museums, in
The collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi, SRVN
  1993-95 Merit Award, 20th, 22nd,29th Annual Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House Art Center, Athens, Georgia
  1993-94 Individual Artist Grant, Georgia Council for the Arts, Atlanta, Georgia
  1991-93 Senior Faculty Grants Award Program, University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
  1990 Purchase Award, 8th Annual Maine/Maritime International Flatworks Exhibition 1988 SAF/NEA Visual Arts Fellow Award (Southern Arts Federation)
  1981 to present Vietnam Veterans Arts Group (VVAG) Collection, National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, Illinois
  1987 Panelist, Steinham Arts Festival, St. Lawrence University, New York
  1984 Head Preparator, "Reflexes and Reflections," Lincoln Center, New York City.
Profile: Veteran Artist Richard Olsen, THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, September
  1983 Head Preparator, "Reflexes and Reflections," Russell Rotunda, Capitol Hill
Bibliography 2000-04 Marquis “Who’s Who in the World”, 17th-22nd, “America” 54th-59th, “Finance, 34 Editions and Industry,
Americas Registry of Outstanding Professionals, Dictionary of International Biography, 29th,30th,31st Editions
  1984 PBS, "Reflexes/Reflections"--29 minute documentary, Burlington, North Carolina, Video, September 15
Exhibitions 1965 to present 107 invitational group shows, including American Visionary Museum, Baltimore(2001-2), Peace Museum, Children of War, Chicago,(2002), National Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi (1994); Museum of Fine Arts, Ho Chi Ming City, (1994); Stars & Stripes Forever, The Flag in Contemporary American Art, R.H. Love, Contemporary, Chicago (1992); Scandinavian- American Artists Exhibition (1989); Savannah College of Art/Design (1989); LBJ Library (1984); Lincoln Center (1984); Russell Rotunda (1983); Cannon Rotunda (1983); Washington Project for the Arts (1983); N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago (1982); Bold Statements, SECAC, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1981); New American Graphics (1975); UW-Madison, Wisconsin
  1964-03 22 one-person exhibitions, including Mercury Art Works, Athens, GA, 2003 National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, IL (1999), H. Smith Gallery, USC-Spartanburg, South Carolina, (1991),
39 Juried exhibitions, including U.S./Vietnam "As Seen By Both Sides" (1989-1994), Eleventh, Seventeenth
Annual Faber Birren Color Award Show (1991, 1997), 48th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Paintings (1986), Third British International Print Biennale, Bradford, Yorkshire, Great Britain (1972)
  1971-00 12 two and three person exhibitions, including Chattahoochee Valley Art Association, LaGrange, Georgia, 1982, Berman Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, (1994)
Gallery 1986-1997 Berman Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
  1990 1990 Maurine Littleton Gallery, Washington, D. C.
Affiliation 1994 EDL & Associates, Atlanta, Georgia; 1991Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago, Il.
  1990 to present Novus Inc., Atlanta, Georgia,
  2001 to present Mercury Art Works, Athens, Georgia
Citations Reviews   Reflexes and Reflections, National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Harry Abrams , New York City; As Seen By Both Sides: American and Vietnamese Artists Look at the War, U Mass Press; New American Paintings III, Open studios competition (Needham Press), The New York Times, New Art Examiner, Chicago Tribune, 'Q' A Journal of Art (Cornell University),Panorama (Italy), Associated Press, Art of War, Friedman/Fairfax

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