Requiem-The Vietnam Collection 5


Richard Lennon with Hoang Kim Dang, a very well known Vietnamese photographer from 
Hanoi, and his daughter Hoang Tuyet Huong. Kim Dang's photos had recorded action at the 
DMZ in the early 70s.Lennon had previously given him a copy of the Requiem book and it 
was that exchange which gave impetus to the Requiem exhibition in Hanoi.


Russell Burrows, son of Life photographer Larry Burrows, with Richard Lennon
and Horst Faas (with back to camera).


Generals Chu Huy Man and Van Tien Dung signing the Guestbook at the opening 
ceremony. Behind them are: Bertrand de Hartingh, Horst Fass, Richard Lennon,
Tim Page, General Dung's wife and a government official.




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