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Please access "The PX" main section of the "VVHP" for the following:

The best way to find any out-of-print book about the Vietnam War is by contacting George Dalley at:

The snail-mail address is:

Dalley Book Service
90 Kimball Lane
Christiansburg, VA 24073

Telephone: 703-382-8949

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February 1999

I have a couple of suggestions for getting information about books on the Vietnam War and era and its aftermath into the U.S. market. One is to send a review copy to:

Marc Leepson
Arts Editor, "The VVA Veteran"
Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
8605 Cameron Street, Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Leepson writes a column for this magazine, that is widely read in the U.S. veteran community. It would probably be worth the postage to get a copy into his hands.

My second suggestion is to contact the online bookstores, especially and to see if they will list the book on their sites. I have no idea how they deal with overseas distribution, but its probably worth a couple of emails to explore the possibilities.

Ann Kelsey
August 1998

Editor's NOTE: You can also try an advertisement in the "Vietnam" magazine. The Publisher is at:

"Vietnam" Magazine
741 Miller Drive SE
Suite D-2
Leesburg, VA 20175

It is not clear to me in their magazine how you submit material, but an inquiry to this address should garner you the information.

August 1998

There is a National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago. They are developing a Web Site. Location and contact at:

1801 S. Indiana Ave.
Chicago, IL 60616


E-mail: Joe Keeley,
VVAG (Vietnam Veteran's Arts Group)


For information regarding a print or statue of the Vietnam Women's Memorial in D.C., contact:

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project

For information regarding images of the three soldiers' statue at The Wall in D.C., contact:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

I know the Franklin Mint is currently selling a statue of the three soldiers. It is advertised in the June 1998 issue of "Vietnam" Magazine.

Ann Kelsey

May 1998

"Reflections" Print --


I'm looking for the poster of a businessman placing one hand on The Wall in D.C., with his briefcase beside him, and figures are reaching back at him from within The Wall.


Chapter 172 of the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) is offering this print for sale. Lee Teter created this image and gave the copyright to 172, but dealers may buy from them and sell it. So far, 172 is the only contact I have for this, however.

I hope the following information will guide you to acquiring this print:

VVA, Chaper 172
17 North Liberty Street
Cumberland, MD 21502


Toll Free: 1-800-482-VETS (8387)
Phone: 301-777-7001
FAX: 301-777-7041


Web Site:

February 1999


I am looking for a copy of "Beyond the Wall." The company is not making it anymore.


The "Beyond the Wall" CD-ROM was produced by Magnet Interactive Studios, Inc. and distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) was also involved in its distribution. You may be able to obtain a copy by contacting the latter two organizations.

The address for Twentieth Century Fox is:

Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Phone: 310-277-2211

In addition, the CD, in both the PC and MAC formats, was purchased by several libraries. If you let me know where you are located and the format you prefer, I will give you the names of the libraries closest to you that purchased the CD.

Ann Kelsey
January 1998


I am desparately searching for a copy of the video "DEAR AMERICA, Letters Home from Vietnam."

I am Brish military and a vet of British actions and mourn my American brothers daily. Keep on rocking, brave people; I love you.



The film was distributed in the United States by HBO Video. Their address is:

1100 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

and the phone number is:


If you have trouble calling an 800 number from the UK, give the street address to the overseas operator who should be able to get their regular phone number. If that doesn't work, email me back; and I'll get in touch with them for you.

Ann Kelsey

April 1998

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