A Time to Heal

They went off to fight a war
when they were no more than boys...
Leaving behind the last days of their youth,
with all it's innocence and joy.

Off to a strange, faraway land
by the thousands they would go...
Never really knowing for sure
who was their friend...who was their foe.

They crawled through muddy jungles;
they died, alone, on rainy nights.
In then end they'd begin to question
who was wrong and who was right.

Soon, we all began to protest
"bring this damn war to an end!"
It was time to bring our boys home...
Let our nation begin to mend.

There were never any parades...
They came home alone...one at a time
to strangers pointing their fingers
as if they'd commited a crime.

They had all fought for their country...
They just did as they were told.
Their belief in democracy and freedom
made them soldiers, brave and bold.

It's time to ask for their forgiveness
though, for some it may come too late.
We were a frightenend, ungrateful nation
struggling through a very uncertain state.

We should shed our tears together...
As a nation we should cry...
For allowing so much time to pass
before we could look them in the eye


Copyright © 1999 by Cecilia Upson Covera, All Rights Reserved