Living Room War

It was the first war televised for us
to watch, in safety, with our evening meal.
Maybe it was all the commercial breaks
that made it seem somehow unreal.

I wondered when (or if) it would end
each time I turned on the 6 o'clock news.
Night after night, it would haunt me,
as that body count grew and grew.

I'd find myself scanning their faces,
watching closely...looking into their eyes...
Praying to GodI'd see no one I knew,
not wanting to watch as they died.

I've tried to imagine what they felt...
The experiences they had to bear.
They watched as friends died horrible deaths,
while no one at home seemed to care.

We wouldn't make time to listen...
Maybe they didn't know how to reach out.
But, now, we need to put it behind us...
First, by hearing what it was about.


Copyright © 1999 by Cecilia Upson Covera, All Rights Reserved