Note: Normally I reformat these, but this seemed to say it all; so, I have included it just as it was sent to me.


Hi Bill!

I went over the gallery you set up for my poems. I am so excited! And, I love the idea that people will be able to respond if they are moved to. Thank you so very much!

As far as my bio...I'll be 49 in May; and, I was born and raised in San Diego (which has gotten way too big!!). I'm single with a grown son, Steven, who has grown into a wonderful man. In my early 20s, I worked at the px at both NAS Miramar and NavSta San Diego (32nd Street). I'm not sure why Viet Nam stays with me; I was safe here at home. But, it does stay with me. Everything I write comes from my heart...I know, when a poem brings tears to someone's eyes, that I have touched their heart.

Like I told you before, Bill, I do not know how to write anything in a few words. So, I'll leave the bio up to you.

Also, I see all my e-mails did confuse you. You have listed "A Time to Heal" twice. Sorry again about the deluge! I try hard...

Thank you again for everything! Being able to share these poems with those they were written for is like a dream come true!!


CeCe (Upson) Corvera