From The Attic

What do all these medals mean? These ribbons. Little pins and dangles, brass and black iron. Colorful red and blue and white. Stripes and satin. Green and yellow and orange. Little metal leaves and stars. On the mantle, on the wall, in the dark attic, in the drawer. These snapshots, curled and faded. We know these faces and maybe the names are written on the back. Where was -this- place? It doesn't say. This guy with the hard, cold eyes? (turn it over) Damn! That was me! These things move and follow you. From the jungle to the attic, to the wall, to the wall, to the Wall; and some - to the fire.

Copyright © 1996 James M. Hopkins
Scanned Objects, Ribbons and Insignia, J.M.Hopkins, 1996