The following list is provided to assist communications and coordination for those attending the memorial service or wishing to send flowers, cards, or letters to the family.

  1. Sacred Heart Mission, Martin Township, Allegan County, Michigan: 616 672-5621
  2. Gorden Funeral Home, Allegan MI: 616 793-7142 (Steve)
  3. Nahan Family Contact: Mr. Lyle Wedge 616 673-3565
  4. Bill McBride: Pager-1-800 732-1090; Ph: 210 522-5482(w); Ph: 210 656-6035 (h)
  5. Flower Shop in Allegan: Holiday Floral 616 673-2859
  6. USMC Detachment, Battle Creek, MI: 616 964-8882
  7. Local Motel: For Coordination and Rendezvous Info (TBD)
  8. Bill Stussie: Pager (TBD); Cell Ph (TBD)
  9. Frank Sinagra: Pager (TBD); Cell Ph (TBD); Ph (TBD)
  10. Ron Brown: Pager (TBD); Cell (TBD); Ph (TBD)

To send a note or letter to the family, email it to me and I will deliver. I will be leaving on Friday afternoon, 17 August, so I will need it before then

Bill McBride