The pictures below were taken by members of Charlie Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in Vietnam.  They were provided by Fred Ostrom who was with team "Harbor Queen" (3-C-1).

Several of them contain pictures of recon Marines which we have not yet identified.  If you can help identifiy any of these reconners, please contact Fred Ostrom or Bill McBride

PFC JenkinsPFC Robert H. Jenkins leaving for FSB Argonne on 3 March 1969.  Jenkins was killed on the 5th of March.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. You can read the MOH citation by selecting the link above.

Ferguson1st Lt. Dave Furguson.  This picture was taken on 3 March 1969 by Sgt. Wayne Thompson just before they left the Quang Tri helicopter pad for FSB Argonne.  Eddie Bridges (2-C-1) is also shown in the photo.  Dave Furguson was killed on 5 March 1969.

TigerPicture of a 400 pound tiger killed by C. Co. patrol.  S/Sgt Goolden was mauled by this tiger.  This is a poor quality photo.  If someone has a better picture, please contact Bill McBride or Fred ostrom.

"Harbor Queen" (3-C-1) patrol members.  1968.  L-R (Top row): Al Moore, Jerry Beasley.  (Bottom row): Unknown, Fred Ostrom, Robert Jenkins, Larry Harrod, Randy Rhoads.

RRhoadsRandy Rhoads (3-C-1).  Grundy, Iowa  1968-1969

Unknown.  (1969) Charley Company, 3rd Recon Marines.

Larry HarrodLarry Harrod.  (3-C-1).  Jackson Hole Wyoming.  1969.

Larry Harrod and Unknown Marine. 1969

Danny TiradoDaniel Tirado  (3-C-1).  KIA May 7th, 1969.

Chow callDaniel Tirado (KIA), Jerry Beasley, Fred Ostrom at the end of the line at the mess hall, Quang Tri.

doc TurnerHM-3 Larry "Doc" Turner, USN.   1969.

"Bravo Sierra" session on Charley Company backyard.  1969.

L-R:  John Romero, Randy Rhoads, Jerry Beasley (3-C-1)  1968.

Helo PadThe Helicopter Pad at Quang Tri.  1968.

John RomeroJohn Romero  (3-C-1).  1968.

Great  BearGreat Bear.  Indian Scout who was TAD to 3-C-1 from the 9th Marines.

Jenkins and TiradoLeft:  PFC Robert Jenkins.  (KIA 3-5-69) Medal of Honor. Right:  Daniel Tirado (KIA 5-7-69) (3-C-1).

John RomeroJohn Romero (3-C-1).  1968.

Rhoads and TiradoRandy Rhoads and Danny Tirado (KIA) (3-C-1).  1969

John RomeroJohn Romero, point for Harbor Queen (3-C-1) in front of the team tent in Quang Tri, 1968.  John was from Louisana.

John RomeroJohn Romero.  John died of cancer in 1994.

UnknownUnknown Marines.  Charlie Company area.  1968 (this is a large image)

Tirado and Al MooreDanny Tirado and Al Moore. (3-C-1).

C CompanyCharlie Company area, Quang Tri Combat Base,  RVN

UnknownUnknown Marine.  1969.

Fred OstromFred Ostrom, Radio Operator, (3-C-1).  1968.

Lowery and TurnerSteve Lowery and "Doc" Turner  (2-C-1) ( a large image)

Harrod and LoweryLarry Harrod (3-C-1) and Steve Lowery (2-C-1).  Steve was awarded the Navy Cross. ( large image)

Unknown MarinesCharlie Company area, Quang Tri, RVN  Unknown Marines

Larry HarrodLarry Harrod (3-C-1).  Larry commited suicide in 1992.

Rhodes et alL-R:  Randy Rhoads, Larry Harrod, Fred Ostrom  (3-C-1).  This was during an honor guard ceremony for the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Larry HarrodLarry Harrod, 1968.  (3-C-1) at Quang Tri.

RecondoLarry Harrod and Tom Shainline at Recondo School.

Helo Pad The Helo pad at Quange Tri, RVN (this is a large picture)

Unknown on PatrolUnknown Marine, (2-C-1). (large picture..on patrol)

Harrod and TiradoDanny Tirado and Larry Harrod (3-C-1).  1968-1969.

Steve LowreySgt. Steve Lowery Team Leader, 2-C-1 (large)

LowreySgt Steve Lowery, Patrol Leader 2-C-1.  Received Navy Cross at FSB Argonne.

LowreySgt. Steve Lowery beside the Charlie Company sign.

Peter DeWildePeter DeWilde.  KIA FSB Argonne while a member of 2-C-1.  Received Silver Star.  3-5-69.