We crawled together my brother and I,
In the dust beneath that hot dark sky,
Fear raced in veins tho we did not stop,
Eyes faced forward we're over the top,

Into the hole our bodies did fly,
Weapons on ready were we to die,
Eye to eye and gun to gun,
My brother and I we did not run,

My brother's flesh was torn apart,
His blood on me it broke my heart,
Quick a bandage I place on his neck,
Tears from my eyes as our eyes met,
Others fell that night that had no end,
Some would die while others would mend,

After the fight we've no time to grieve,
Other brothers and I we had to leave,
Jump into the ship that sailed the sky,
Other new brothers and I did fly,

Brothers bonded together in this hell,
A God awful sense of death we did smell,
We land from the sky in a field of gold,
Flying ships with pilots ever so bold,

A quick jump and a dash off to the trees,
This very day some fell to their knees,
Wounded and dead lie on gold grounds,
Flesh taken by evil enemy's rounds,

Dust Offs enter and remove all the dead,
New brothers and I we shall move ahead,
Exhausted at days end there is no rest,
My brothers and I had to give our best,

Some say the Best and Brightest did not go,
Well my brothers and I are the ones to know,
Brothers all we owe this story to tell,
Our sons must never face a nightmare of hell,

Old leaders seek riches, power and fame,
To such leaders this war was only a game,
Blood of my brothers are upon a leader's soul,
Through lies and coverups the story is told,

Let not my brother's blood be spilled in vain,
Remember my brother...Vietnam Veteran his name.

Edward J. Domaleski, Jr.

copyright © 1995 by EDWARD J. DOMALESKI JR., all rights reserved

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