Vietnam Bibliography

Professor Edwin E. Moise of Clemson University has compiled what, to the best of our knowledge, is one of the best, most comprehensive bibliographies of Vietnam-related materials on all phases of that war. This bibliography has been expanding steadily for about ten years. Readers are cautioned that Dr. Moise has not necessarily read, or even seen, all the items listed. Sometimes he enters into the bibliography a title he has only seen in a book dealer's catalog, for example. He maintains it partly for his own use, and partly for the use of students in his courses on Modern Military History (History 390) and The Vietnam Wars (History 492/692) at Clemson University.

Dr. Moise has graciously consented to share this extensive listing of materials with our Home Page readers with the intention of assisting teachers and students of the Vietnam war gain more access to better materials than may be presently available.

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Notice: This Bibliography is copyrighted by Dr. Moise. No modifications or commercial use are to be made to it without the written consent of Dr. Moise.

A direct link to Dr. Moise's bibliography is given here. The direct Home Page listing is the most up-to-date bibliographic information. For Dr. Moise's VITA information is here.