SSgt Bruce Forbes

I was six months away from being eligible for the draft for Viet Nam when the draft ended; my selective service number was 164. I was at the time a PEACEFUL protestor against the policies of our government at that time. (I wasn't a 'hippie', but I was a protestor.) A year later I found myself in Japan as a christian missionary, and I thought I was happy to be away from a government that was so totally blind and deaf to the voices of its people. But 18 months later I saw the Stars and Stripes presiding over the Camp Zama Marine base; the first U.S. flag I'd seen in all that time. I sat on the curb and cried like a baby for everything the Flag still means to me even today. I returned to the U.S. in 1976, and I was trained in architectural drafting. I worked in that field until the 1979 recession, at which time the building industry was near collapse on the west coast. I joined the Air Force in 1980, and since that time have been stationed in England, Hawaii, Illinois, Germany, and am currently assigned to the Pentagon. I have also been on temporary assigments in Italy, Turkey, Israel, and... and Boston. I have been married to my wife and best friend for almost 17 years and we are the parents of one daughter and six sons.

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