Updated: 5 November

There will be a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery at 1100, 9 November 2001 to inter the remains of Tom Gopp (HMM-164), Jim McGrath, John B. Nahan III, and Jack Wolpe.

HQMC is handling the arrangements. The honor guard will be from Marine Barracks, 8th and I.

  1. Schedule of Events Updated: 4 October 2001
  2. Directions and Map of cemetery showing location of Memorial Service
  3. List of 3rd Recon Marines and Corpsmen, Family and Friends planning to attend. Updated: 6 Oct.
  4. Local nearby motels and hotels Working on this now. This is a busy weekend for veterans in Washington D.C., and affordable rooms are limited.
  5. Dinner/Lunch plans for 3rd Recon, family, and friends: