This project has taken over 4 years to complete and has been out just since May 29, 1995, here is the story. My friend, CALVIN SEVILLE, lent his insight and expertise, he helped more than he knows. Another friend, TERRY O'CONNELL, put me in touch with WADE SANDERS (First Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Navy) at the Pentagon.

MR. SANDERS is the male in the black tee shirt with his back to the camera. The helmet held by the Marine on the extreme left of the image belonged to DARWIN L JUDGE, one of the last 2 Marines killed on Vietnam soil. The Harley belongs to JOE LOZANO (DRAGON) of Harley-Davidison of Washington. Some of the field gear and M-16 were provided by DAVID W. GRIMSLEY (BEAR). The following Marines provided free use of their images in order to produce what you see. Their names in alphabetical order are: CLINT CARMICHAEL, DAVID EASTMAN, SHAWN A. HAASE, CODY WILLIAM RIGGS, NEWT A. SANSON JR., CINDIE SMITH.

MAGNETIC IMAGES, in Lexington Park, Maryland, is the company that did the computer layout. This image is a composite of 31 images brought together by the wizardry of Graphic Artist BRYAN ECKER. Bryan and I spent over 30 hours putting together what had been in my head for the last 4 years. Bryan is truly gifted, he can really make that software sing. I was lucky to have him work with me.

The aircraft are F-4's and were the brainstorm of ROBERT M. JACKSON , a retired Navy Command Master Chief & President of MAGNETIC IMAGES. I am proud, and fortunate, to have him as a friend. Together we thought the "Missing Man" formation said it all.

I have to thank RAMELLE GUNZELMAN for her years of support and love. She has spent many years putting up with this project and me.

As you can see this has been the effort of many people -- good people, old friends and new friends. Vietnam Vets, Vietnam Era Vets, young marines and dedicated Americans and many others that aren't listed They all came together to produce this strong positive image. I wanted a strong, powerful and positive image of the Vietnam Veteran. They did what their country asked them to do - no excuses.

I have kept the cost of this image low so that all can afford to have a copy. A detailed explanation like this is provided with each print.

This is just a way of saying THANK YOU TO ALL VETS OUT THERE!


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