History of Delta Company, 3rd Recon in Vietnam

Delta Company Commanders.

Delta Company Awards for Bravery.

Delta Company First U.S. Unit to see combat in Vietnam.   This is the Stars and Stripes (Pacific Edition) front page featuring Doc Thomas treating the wounded reconner, Tony Molina, after the firefight. Molina was the radio man on the patrol April 22, 1965. The Corpsman is Doc Thomas, and Lt. Bill Vankat is on the left. This picture also appeared in an article in Soldier of Fortune dated October 1987 with an accompanying story on Delta company titled "Bayonets at Binh Thai."

Back page of Stars and Stripes story.   This is the continuation of the front page story on the first U.S. unit to engage in a firefight with the Viet Cong. The story continues at the lower left corner under "Ambush."

Close up of "Ambush" story, 1st page.

Stars & Stripes picture closeup.