Taps is a sad and haunting melody.It is one of the most familiar tunes in the United States of America.These notes of purity and severe REFLECTION mark not only the end of the day for military personel,but also allows all to reflect on the lives of friends,or family who have died in the defence of ideals!This sacrifice was and always will be one which will be remembered and respected.In the evolution of civilized society,many truths have given way to others.The search for World Peace and brotherhood has left in its legacy an astrinomical amount of dead.Was their sacrifice justified?To perhaps answer this question,much emphasis must be made on many events of history.Nazi Germany,the massacre of Hue would perhaps be a good place to start.The tune Taps,is one which was realized and composed by a civil war General named Dan Butterfield.This man earned a Congressional Medal of Honor,and served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department is new sound echoed through the air with the speed of an arrow,and penerated the hearts of not only the Union soldiers,but was even adopted by the confederates.It quickly became the Nations Requiem.It was played in tribute to Dan Butterfield.when he was laid to rest on July 17th,1901,thirty nine years after he composed it.He was buried at West Point,and this haunting melody of Taps at sunset will always remember him and others.
Taps for one,Taps for all.