The PFC Robert H. Jenkins Memorial

This Memorial is dedicated to Marine PFC Robert H. Jenkins, Jr. ,USMC

 PFC Jenkins was a member of patrol "Harbor Queen", Charlie Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. He died saving the life of his fellow Marines while on patrol near Argonne Fire Support Base on 5 March, 1969. He was posthumously awaded the Medal of Honor for his sacrifice.

The Memorial is located at the Robert Jenkins, Jr. Park in Interlacken, Florida.

These pictures were provided by Fred Ostrom. One of the Marines whose life was saved by PFC Jenkin's bravery. 

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The Headstone of PFC Robert H. Jenkins This photo was taken prior to the work by Fred Ostrom, Steve Lowery, and others to rebuilding the site into a Memorial which would properly honor the memory of Jenkins.

  The Memorial Stone This stone is located at the Robert H. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Park in Interlachen, Fl. This park and the stone were built and dedicated in the seventies. It incorrectly states that Robert was killed in North Vietnam .


  The gravesite ceremony and honor guard .


  Picture of Robert H. Jenkins Jr . This painting was done by a lady who works for the Florida Department of Veteran's Affairs. The painting was presented by it's director, Carlos Rainwater, to Mrs. Willie Mae Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins in return presented it to the R.H. Jenkins, Jr. Middle School where it is now prominently displayed.

Presented by Steve Lowery and Fred Ostrom at the dedicaton ceremony


Close up of the picture presented at the Memorial Dedication


  Steve Lowery, Fred Ostrom, and G. Keith Huddleston at the Memorial Dedication for PFC Jenkins