For protecting their right,
to say things that are wrong.

We served with honor, in a far off place
Where we won every battle, but still lost face.

We were treated as though we had asked for the war,
We were hated and yelled at and so much more.

They chanted and ranted and talked of the war,
They had love-ins and protests, and concerts and more;
They professed to be scholars and gurus and the like.

But we needed to talk and have our thoughts see the light,
But they wouldn't listen to us or give us their time.

They called us Kid Killers and Druggies and such,
This made us despair, and hurt us so much.

But we still would be willing to give up our lives,
For their god-given right to tell all of their lies.

So we dealt with our demons and dealt with our pain,
But we never were able to deal with their shame.

Some of our Brothers will never be right,
And some have decided to give up the fight.

But now they decided to treat us so good,
Because they were wrong and because that they could.

And now there are people that would do us great harm,
So they've called on our daughters and sons to be gone.

But still they say bad things,
And say we are wrong

For protecting their right, to say things that are wrong.

Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved
Written by Jack T. Hartzel
E-2/9 67-68

Placed on 05-12-2010, DGSH

Revised on 05-26-2010, DGSH