My Brother Jim

My Brother Jim

Captain James W. Herrick Jr served with the 602/56 Special Operations at Nakhon Phanom (NKP), Thailand. Jim flew the Douglas A1-H, pictured here, in support of Search and Rescue missions as well as search and destroy in "the secret war" in Laos. On such a mission on October 27, 1969, we're told his plane crashed into a mountainside, one day before his 25th birthday, one week before he was to return home on leave. No evidence of his survival or death has ever been discovered. We still wait...and hope.

"Have you forgotten yet?...
Look down, and swear by the slain of the War that you'll never forget!...
Have you forgotten yet?...
Look up, and swear by the green of spring that you'll never forget!"

From "Aftermath" by Siegfried Sassoon, 1919


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