Christmas, 1969, Dau Tieng

Mike Hopkins

These photos were taken Christmas, 1969, at 1/5 Arty, 1st Inf Div, Dau Tieng, RVN.

In the TOC bunker, relaxing with smuggled eggnog/Jack Daniels. The tree was sent to the FDC boys by Hopkins' parents.

Left to Right, Front to Rear:
Mike Hopkins, 1stLt. Ruiz,
D.Corum, B.Bennet, R.Parsons,
T.Collins, Capt.Ehlers, S.Bradley, T.Harrell

The Christmas tree in the 1/5 Arty TOC bunker.

Maps on the wall show artillery coverage.

Topmost circle, battery at FSB Mahone (?).
Center concentric circles, batteries at DauTieng.
Lower circle, battery at FSB Kien.

Christmas tree in the 1/5 Arty FDC hooch.

The hooch held the lockers where we kept our gear.

Our bunks were in an underground sandbagged
bunker next door...due to the frequent 'rocket-rain.'