John Musgrave, USMC Ret.,
Delta Co, 1st Bn, 9th Marine Reg,
3rd Marine Div,
Nam '67-'68



John served in Vietnam for 11 months and seventeen days before being permanently disabled by his third wound. He was medically retired as a corporal in 1969.


I believe my buddy John's stuff is really good. I just want everyone else to get a chance to read it, too.

Jack Hartzel
E-2nd Bn, 9th Marine Regmt,
3rd Marine Div, Nam '66-'67-'68


Edtitor's NOTE: Jack submitted John's books of poetry to the VVHP for the "Remembrance" section with John's permission. Please access the "Bookshelf" in our "PX" main section if you wish to order the writings of John Musgrave.

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The Poems of John Musgrave



"Nightmare #7.62"

"Operation Buffalo":Regret


"He stepped off the trail"