An Introduction to Jim Schueckler

One of eight children, Schueckler worked in Buffalo, New York, and attended college at night. He enlisted for flight school in 1968.

Jim still lives in the Buffalo area with his wife, two sons, and a daughter. He stresses family and friends in his life due to the experiences in Vietnam. Jim tries to keep in touch with other veterans and their families.

He served with the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company, 10th Combat Aviation Battalion. It provided support to other Army units that did not have their own helicopters. As an AHC, the 192nd's primary job was Combat Assaults, a formation of Hueys taking infantrymen into battle.

"The pilots had things a whole lot nicer than the grunts had it. We could go home at night, our missions were constantly changing, and we got to FLY! No such thing as a normal day.

"I never got accustomed to seeing dead people of either side. I think that's good."

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