Invisible to others, we in our pain.
Their only goal was their every gain.
Where were they while we were slain?
Enjoying Freedom and the hippies' reign.
Together in Nam . . . we fought to exist.

Those lives of ease, so eagerly sought.
They valued only what was sold or bought.
Of how much we paid, they all knew naught.
Expendable were we, in their every thought.
Together in Hell . . . we tried to exist.

Since Vietnam, 'tis been many moons.
Others have married in summer's Junes.
Babies were fed with silvered spoons.
Few, if any, know of our hidden wounds.
Together in Limbo . . . we continue to exist.

Our generation soon shall all be gone.
The children shall be our living spawn
To lead the world to a brilliant dawn.
Then lay us at that "V" in the D.C. lawn.
Together in Peace . . . we will forever exist.

~ Jungle Vet '95 ~

Copyright © 1995 by Robert W. Baird 1/1D, 1st Platoon, Team "West Orange"