A month of days,
	a year of nights.
In the distance,
	Da Nang’s city lights.
A stark westerly wind,
	chills deep into the bone,
The flares dot the sky,
	but the way is not shown.

Rats scurry and squeak,
	‘tis food and shelter they seek.

Against silent bags of sand,
	a well-oiled weapon leans.
Nearby, on make-shift racks,
	Lie two sleeping Marines.
Two others are outside,
	watching, waiting with hope,
that this night no enemy,
	will advance up the slope.

Their muscles ache,
	from vigilance so long.
Soon the sun shall rise,
	its’ rays showing strong.
‘Til then the silver comets,
	will suddenly shoot.
But the chilly Marines,
	will only remain mute.

The sky lightened in the east.
	The Marines moved, not the least.

From the shimmering sea, 
	rose the sun, large and round.
The rays danced merrily,
	upon the frosty ground.
One Marine finally stretched sleepily,
	and commented, Ho Hum,
one night gone by,
	one more day begins, in Vietnam.

~ Written in the Republic of Vietnam by Jungle Vet ~ 1968 ~

Copyright © 1995 by Robert W. Baird 1/1D, 1st Platoon, Team "West Orange"