My name is Dennis Wynne and I served in the Aussie Army as a Communications Op on board Army LSM AV1356 Clive Steele in 1968/69 and 70. We operated out of Vung Tau and transited the Mekong as far as Can tho/My Tho and up the coast as far as Qui Nhon and of course up and down to Saigon. Was in the Newport docks in Saigon during TET.

My USN mate actually came to visit me in Australia on his R and R in 1968. Picture a railway station which is a junction for 2/3 lines; and I came in on Platform 4 to change trains to go to the Sydney Women's Hospital to visit with my second born, Maureen, (who incidentally at the time of writing is beginning labour for her first child). A train was also at Platform 3. Both trains departed; and there, face to face across the two sets of train lines, was Dennis opposite his mate Phil, who was changing trains to go and visit us at our home. It's marvellous how things happen. Anyway, he accompanied me to Sydney again, visited with me, then we sank some Aussie beer and had quite a reunion.

I retired as a Warrant Officer Class One in Nov 1987. I belong to the Vietnam and Australian Defence Force Veterans Association here in Queensland.

My daughter, Joanne, has written an assignment for her Uni studies, which has recently been published here in Queensland on the Gold Coast under the title "NO END TO WAR" and deals with PTSD.

I am quite proud of her achievement; and judging by the phone calls and correspondence received, so are a lot of other people.


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