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This section is a World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service. The purpose of this section is to help other Veterans and friends of Vietnam Veterans locate Veterans and others who served in Vietnam during the war years.

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Johnny (Tom Sawyer) Ross, Teddy Mize, Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Jon Preis, D.V. Butler Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Rupert Walls, Bill Reichert, Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Ed Roman, Stan Fowler,, Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Lt. Ken Taylor, Lt. Kowaleski, Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Sgt. Sykes, Sgt. Robles, Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Jonathan May, Percy Faison, Co. C., 4th Eng. Bn.,4th Div, '68
Tom F.O'Brien from Ohio C Btry, 1/44 Arty, 108 Div, Aug '69-70
Tharis G. King, Monroe La C Btry, 1/44 Arty, 108 Div, Aug '69-70
Francis J. Leahey from New Jersey C Btry, 1/44 Arty, 108 Div, Aug '69-70
Anyone serving with Joe Bartlett USAF, Security Police, K-9 Section Da Nang '70-71
Air Force Red Horse 554 '67-68, Phan Rang- Bien Thuey- Nha Trang
Roger Dale Roundtree 36th Signal Bn, Danang, '67-68
Anyone with C 1/28th Inf 1st Inf Div '69-'70
Lt. Peterson (Petersen) C-47's ,9th SOS "A, DaNang 70-71
John Grover 6th Field Arty, 3rd Batt, Pleiku, '68
MSGt John D. Stover USAF Ret ,1837 EIS, Udorn Thailand
David and Randy Jones Tx, 577 Engrs.,68 -70
Colman from N.Y. - Pulley, 577 Engrs.,68 -70
Collins, Blaha, Jarr 577 Engrs.,68 -70
Flake Wright, White, Posey 577 Engrs.,68 -70
Lt.James Agnew JG, Navy Advisory Team (MACV~SOG)
MIA Korean War VetCapt. Charles R. Spath F-86 pilot, 335th Interceptor Fighter Squadron
Capt. Charles D. Blunt Kassern Stutgart Merentgen Germany '71
Bob (Robert) English, USMC '69(?) & 70'

Recon Platoon, 3/8th Inf, 4th Div. out of Pleiku -Late 67 -June 68
Anyone who knew my father William "Bill" Charles Newman Sr. USS Bon Homme Richard, '60's
Avengers or Ghostriders Holloway, or Pleiku, 69-70
Anyone from HQ CO, 168th Engr Btn (C) , Lai Khe, RVN, 1968-1969
L/CPL Carlos Ochoa B Co., 2nd Plt., 1st Bn., 4th Mar, '67
Anyone who served in 1st MT Chu-lai, 1965
Looking for members of 11th Armored Cavalry Regt (The Blackhorse Regiment)
Looking for Ranger Art C."Mac" MacAnnerny from TX. Eglin AFB '69-'71
Michael Rodriguez USAF, VN '69-'70, from the Bronx
Looking for reunion information on 366 Tactial Fighter Wing Danang and U.S.Army 62nd Transportion Unit
H&S Co. 3/7 106's Chu Lai, 65/66
2/4 Raider Unit Chu Lai, 65/66
Trying to locate Doc. Woodward Medical Officer, SEA BEE TEAM 47 or 49, 70-71

Family of Lt. R.K. Henderson KIA June, 19, '70
A Trp. 1/11th Armored Cav. Regt '70-'71
A Co, - 2nd 34th Armor 23rd Inf Div in '69 and '70
Jim Soderholm Stationed at Eglin Airforce Base Oct. 1969 -May 1971
Art or C. Art McAnarnney Eglin AFB, '69-'71
B Co, 4th Bat., 39th Inf, 9th Div, Bear Cat during '67
Chuck Emerson E4-, 173 Airborne Brigade, 69-70
Members of 1st Battalion 4th Marines 1978-1968
Members of 7th of the First Cavalry Vietnam 1967-69
372 Radio Research (USASA) Co. 25th Inf. Div.,Cu Chi, '66-'69
Members of A Trp 3rd Sqdrn 17th Air Cav 67-68
Tom McCarthy In Vietnam as a medic (or some such function)
CO B, 1/327TH, 1ST BDE, 101ST ABN, MAR 68 - DEC 68
39th Engr, Bn 937thEngr. Group
USS LUCE (DDG-38) at decommissioning in April '91
Anyone who knew Alan D Gilbertson KIA in Vietnam
Donald Trautman 3/39 9th Inf Div, 277th S&S Bn
Anyone with 111th Avn. Bn (D.S.) Vung Tau, Aug 1963 to Aug 1964
Anyone with IUWG-2 who served in Qui Nhon or Cam Ranh Bay, 69-70
Richard F.B. Ignacio 3d Radio Research Unit Ton Son Nhut, '67-'68
Daughter Kim-Loan is searching for her GI father, Ned or Nat
SSGT William Boudreau 60th Ord. Co, Phan Thiet, '70-'71
Family of my co-pilot: Douglas Fillerbrown MOORE Ayer, MASS. KIA 22 May 1969
Corpsmen w/ 3rd Mar. Div, Force Recon or 3rd Shore Party, July 68-69 in Quang Tri or Dong Ha
ROM Plow operators of the Army Engineers for reunion
Swift Boat Sailors that served in VN, for reunion
Anyone with 1st Bn. 4th Marines in Nam l967-1968
Ed Mykowski '68 - '69, Co. B, 5th /46th, 198th Lt. Inf, Americal Div.
101st airborne 327 Inf 1st Bde Hawk Recon Hq.Co.
Bill Watson USMC, M/3/3 '67-'68
Vets from 1st Bat. 3rd Marines, H and S Co. '66-68
People from Viet Nam who worked with 354th Engineers
Sgt. Alan Dunwell USAF, from Rockford, IL.
Roger Caron PFC, stationed in Hawaii. From Quebec
Greg "Dutch" Datchuck and others from 483rd USAF Hospital at Cam Ranh Bay, 1970-1970
Anyone with 5/42 Arty in Vietnam during May, 1968.
W.L. Osborne USMC, DI Paris Island (November 1968)
Doreen the Mouseketeer is looking for photos of her tours in VN.
Richard Meyers from Florida, a crew member on a Chinook in VN.
Anyone who knew my fatherSSgt. Thomas H. Botts, in MACV or MACVSOG
Amerasian Daughter Born in Nha Trang in 1967 Looking for Father
Family of S/Sgt. James M. Ray (3/18/68) MIA
Michael Rodriguez USAF, Vietnam '69-70
Information onSgt. Bert Austin Keeler KIA, Troop C, 3 Squad, 5th Cavalry
Vietnamese Armor Officers looking for their former advisors
Advisors to VN Military units All years and branches for Association.
Q-master gang, U.S.S. Isbell, DD-869, Korea, 1952-1955
MCB3 Bravo Co. Hue- Phu Bai, VN, 1967-68
199th Light Infantry in "68 or '69. Also looking for specific names
Members of 4th. CAG, III MAF, third platoon, third squad, 1968
Leon Yetz USMC, Monticello, NY
William E. Schuler (FR 26239). Canberras in the 8th TBS @ Phan Rang in 1966-67.
Recon Plt, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, 11th Light Inf. Bde, later with Americal (23rd) Inf. Div.
SGT John Priadka Troop G, 2/11th Armored Cavalry (BLACKHORSE)
Company C, 2/503d of the 173d Airborne Div.
James I Norton Jr. 1st Force Recon 65-67.
SSG Bentley R. Wyatt, Drill Sergeant, Fort Polk, La. in 1967.
Company B, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Inf., 199th Light Inf. Bde '68-69
John January USS Arcadia AD23 or PBR MB1 NSA Da Nang
PBR MB1 Bill Rice, Jesus Pardilla(cook), Frank Schaffe,Barry, Seaman Brown,Frank Alexander.
Hotel Company 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, VN
Major JoAnn Barton, U.S. Army Nurse, 249th General Hospital
PFC Gary Welch USMC, 2nd plt, C Co, 1/5, Quang Nam Province
Sp5 Richard P. Mann, 303rd RRCUV at Ton Son Nhut in Saigon
Maj. Richard Marshal CO of Trp A, 7-17 Air Cav. at Camp Enari, Pleiku
Leonard Stafarri (sp), Morgan, Juliano, and Capt. Mitchell. USMC, CAG Marines 1/501st Inf. 101st Airborne 3-69 to 3-70 or Americal Div
Family of Michael G. Hoff to return a POW/MIA bracelet
Sgt. Thomas Wallace (Wally), and Sgt. Jack Patterson, 199th Light Infantry Brigade(Escort Platoon)
Patricia Perdue USO entertainer missing in Vietnam
"looking for grunts" from the 25th Infantry Division 4/9th Manchu's Charlie company 1969.
HHC 3/319, 173rd Airborne 1967-1968.
John Snyder Army, A Company 319 Arty, 173rd Airborne
Family, friends of 1st Lt. Loren D. Hagen KIA, awarded Congressional Medal of Honor
Members of D Company, 1st Bn, 5th Cav, 1st Cav Divison from Dec '65 to Dec. '66
Company C, 2/503d of the 173d Airborne Div. for a possible reunion.
LCpl. Wade Early, Kilo Co., 3rd Bttn., 1st Marines
David Odum USN Electrican on USS Samual Gomphers
Troop C, 3rd SQDN, 4th CAL, 25th Infantry Division 1966-1967
SP4 Bill Baham Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry, 1st Cav., A Shau Valley
My father, Commander Richard Rich. XO of VF96 on the USSEnterprise
3rd Bn., 9th Marines 65-66 who knew Stan Kopcinski KIA
3rd Bn., 26 Marines Info on reunions or meetings
CE1 Robert Johnson MCB3 Hue- Phu Bai
"PHU LOI PATROL" "TINY" Tom Heinz & Tom Donough
Brian A Miller, USMC Veteran 68-69, 2/7
Son or wife of Elroy F. Wells who was KIA in 1970
A Co, 1/501st Inf., 101ST AIRBORNE, 3-69 TO 3-70.
Michael Lochman Vietnam Veteran
"George Kateiva" Qui Nhon 67-68
"David L. Brown" U.S.S Endurance (MSO-435)
"Battery G(MG)55th Artillery" Americal Division"
"Capt. Lewis A. Palumbo, SP4 Travis Orr, SGT Donald "Double Clutch" Chandler
"Stag/1st Plt., B Co., 2nd Batt. of HERD (173rd)"
"Art Mcanarney" Ranger Camp 1969
"M Sgt. Dick Milron Army, A BTRY 4th of the 60th ARTY
"Kathryn Duke Ritterman" Nurse, US Army, Ft. Sam and Germany
"6th Psy Op Bn and Companies" pre-68 and 4th PsyOp Group
"Friends of Sherril Wayne Pennington">, SSgt USA, 9th Inf. Div '67-'69
"29 Field Arty H Btry" '67 - '68
"1st. Signal Brigade" Phu Lam, '69-'71
"Lt. Robt. Willam, Cpt Chest. Wittle, Cpt Tom Huges" Lawyers, My Tho Province
"Vietnam Widows"
"118th AV CO. At Bien Hoa A.F.B. 8/63 - 8/64
"First Radio Research Co." , RVN, for reunion info
"Jerry" My natural father; stationed at Subic Bay, summer of 1967
"1 Log, 29th Group, 610 Maintenance Batt., Phu Loi in 69-70.
"2nd NVA Division" '67-68
"Callsign MINUTEMAN" Helicopter unit '67-'68
"Flutist in Military Band" visiting Hue in 1970--101st (?)
"Edward Cambria" USN, USS Buchanan '69-'71
"Mike Sutter, Jim Copus, Denny Caufield" Battery C, 1/14th, Americal, RVN '69
"USS Johnston" DD-821, RVN 11/67-7/68
"Sammy May" Army, Americal and 101st '67-68
"Patrick Talmadge" Army, Americal and 101st '67-68
"Men of the 6th Bn, 31st Inf, 9th Division, 1969
"Joe Barto" USMC, or any 3rd Mar Div SCAMP members
"Pacific Stars and Stripes" Issues Sept '68-Dec '69
"Tom Long" Army, 2/502nd Inf.,101st Airborne Division (Ambl), 1971
"Bradley Brothers" Army, 307 MedBn, 82nd Airborne, '70 or '71
" ...Martin. Army, first name unknown.Ft. Lee, VA '62
"Dick Stoulski" Army, Ft. Lee, Va. '62
"Mike McCarthy" USMC, G-2/26, Opn. Bold Mariner, May '68-May69
"Larry Barr" Army, in Vietnam
"Lawrence Frederick" 118th Av. Co 8/63-8/64
"610 Maintenance Batt" Kenny Guy looking for buddies
"Stanley" First name, U.S. Army, unit unknown
Paul Aust 5th SFGA, A104 Ha Thanh, May 1967
Wade Medberry , Joe Bolt, and Tom Ruffing
Ron Harper and members of 132nd ASHC Aviation Co, Chu Lai, 1968
71st Transporation Company, U.S. Army, Qhi Nhon, 1965-1966
Tom (?) Willer U.S. Army, Medical Unit #227 1971
Charlie Davis USMC, 1st or 3rd Recon Bn, VN, Quang Tri
Robert David Paugh U.S. Army, 299th Eng, Phu Tai, Vietnam June '69 to July '70 (approximate dates)
Michael Lake U.S. Army, 11th Arty, Ft. Riley, Kansas -68-69
Jeff Templeton , U.S. Army, 9th Inf Div VN 68-69
Brice Williams U.S. Navy, USS Wichita, VN 68-72
"Mike Allen" U.S.Army, Ft. Irwin '69, then Vietnam
"Jerry Slater" US Navy, DC Area?
"Pinky" An Army Nurse.
"Fred S...(unk) Air Force MSgt, U_Tapao '75
"C Troop, 1st 10 Cav, 4th Infantry Division"
"1/16, Big Red One" From Canadian Vets
"Recon Plt, 2nd Bn, 2nd Inf, 1st Inf Div At Lai Khe, Feb '66-Feb '67
"Billy Joe Gross" USN, Bon Homme Richard
"William R. Baldwin " WW II Veteran, Army 7th Div
"11th Bde, Americal Division Recon Platoon and others
"Pat Troy" Co. B; 4th Bn; 39th Inf; 9th Div
"Members of 237th Eng Bn" Wharton Bks, Heilbronn Germany '74-77
"Korat RTAFB,Thailand" AGE Shop, USAF '66-67


Buddies and Units

All Services

Bob (Robert) English, USMC 1969(?) & 70'. Was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Summer of 1970. Was originally from Massachusettes. Approx. 5'6", brown hair/eyes. Any information that can be given is greatly appreciated.

Send info to :

Jodie Price
6649 Bret Harte Dr.
San Jose, CA 95120

or contact Jerry Hall at:

Trying to locate Captain Charles D. Blunt
Last known service: U.S. Army Europe station Kassern Stutgart Merentgen Germany (1971)

Belonged to (at that time) the 35th Company C. The company 1st. Sgt. A. Flores may know of his whereabouts.

Mike Glenn would like to say hello...

Please contact me at email:

I have checked the Barker Homepage, but I was wondering if there is another source that might have a "Lost & Found" column similar to this format for Vietnam vets for Vets or MIA/POW for the Korean War.

We are still looking for closure on a relative, Capt. Charles R. Spath, an F-86 pilot with the 335th Interceptor Fighter Squadron.


D.L.Robinson at:

Looking for my buddy

Last I saw him he was station in Saigon.
Lt.James Agnew
Navy Advisory Team (MACV~SOG)

Any info Please E-Mail to my AOL address since I'm new at the internet and don't check my E-Mail here that much , so Please E-Mail to

(I'm also the guy who has Dinky Dao Express here in the VVHP)


Can you help me locateI two brothers -- David and Randy Jones from Texas. Last known unit was 577 Engr. somewhere between 1968 -1970. They were in Viet Nam together.

Randy (the oldest) was in heavy equipment.

Also otherguys in the unit: Colman from N.Y. - Pulley, Collins, Blaha, Jarr from Chicago - Flake Wright, White, Posey. Anyone else around that time can contact:

Charles Douglas (517)791-6710 or

I am trying to locate MSGt John D. Stover USAF Ret Last heard from when he was a SSGT with the 1837 EIS TDY to Udorn Thailand.


Ron Bradley
Phone: 702-877-9688

Searching for John Grover who served in the 6th Field Artillery, 3rd Battalion of the U.S. Army at Pleiku, South Vietnam in 1968.

I believe that John was originally from the Scranton, PA area or perhaps Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I would very much like to put him into contact with my father SSG Raul Rodriguez. If anyone else served with my dad, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you!


Raul Rodriguez
P.O. Box 436
Nolanville, TX 76559

Looking for a Lt. Peterson(Petersen) who flew C-47 with the 9th SOS "A" Flight out of DaNang from 70-71.

Contact EBRUCK2405@AOL.COM

I would like to hear from anyone who served in C 1/28th Infantry 1st Infantry Division 1969 - 1970.

Dan Sipes
3019 E. Mallory
Mesa AZ 85213
email :

Looking for Roger Dale Roundtree (white Male ), nickname "Tree". Married with children. Home town was Albany, Georgia. Last seen at Fort Gordon.Served in 36th Signal Battalion in Danang. Served in Vietnam around 1967-1968.Also served at Fort Bragg around 1964.

Contact: Carl M. White

I'm looking for members of Air Force Red Horse 554 , 1967-68 Vietnam Phan Rang- Bien Thuey- Nha Trang

Contact Ken at

Looking for anyone who served in VN with me

Joe Bartlett
USAF, Security Police, K-9 Section
Da Nang Air Base perimeter
May 1970 - May 1971

Current Location:
or P.O. Box 948
Mexia TX 76667-0948
Phone: (817)562-7056
FAX: (817)562-6789

Trying to locate Tom F.O'Brien from Ohio, ss#273-48-9197, Tharis G. King from Monroe, La. ss#437-64-3736, Francis J. Leahey from New Jersey. ss#143-36-8155.

We all served with "c" charlie battery 1/44 Arty 108th Div. 24 Corps Vietnam during August 1969 through August 1970. Any help with locating them would be greatly appreciated .

Bill Sever at:

Co. C., 4th Engineer Battalion, 4th Division, 1968

Looking for anyone that served with this unit during any part of 1968.

Especially would like to find Johnny (Tom Sawyer) Ross, Jon Preis, Ed Roman, Stan Fowler, Lt. Ken Taylor, Lt. Kowaleski, Sgt. Sykes, Sgt. Robles, Jonathan May, Percy Faison, Teddy Mize, D.V. Butler, Rupert Walls, Bill Reichert..

Send an email to Ed (Golinski) L'Esperance (aka "the Snake") at

Trying to help my friend Tran Van Long locate the man he served while acting as a translator at the Army & Civil Cooperative Xuan Loc Hosptial.

Last name was Woodward, rank unknown, was 46-50 years old, held the position of Medical Officer, Served at SEA BEE TEAM 47 or 49, Xuan-Loc, Long Khanh Province, Vietnam, Service duration 1970-71.

Would like Mr. Woodward to contact him at 77 Nguyen Van CU, Long Khanh, Dong Nai, Vietnam. EMail address:

Is their anyone out there that served with H&S Co. 3/7 106's or 2/4 Raider unit, around Chu Lai back in 65/66 ?

Please contact: Andrew Bennett

I'm requesting any information anyone may have concerning a possible reunion for either the 366 Tactial Fighter Wing which was based in Da Nang AB, flew close air support, one Bad ass F-4 unit.

The other unit I'm concerned about is the U.S.Army 62nd Transportion Unit

Please contact East Fork at:

I'm trying to locate the Michael Rodriguez who lived on Hammersley Avenue in the Bronx in the 1960s.

He also worked at Star Lake Camp in New Jersey and then went into the Air Force. He was stationed first at Lackland AFB in Texas, then at McConnell AFB in Kansas.

He went to VietNam in either late 1969 or 1970. I last heard from him in the summer or fall of 1971 when he was back in Wichita.

Please contact Anne S. Hickok at:

I am looking for an Airborne Ranger who was originally from Texas.

His name is Art C.MacAnnerny or C. Art AacAnnerny. I'm not positive of the last name spelling. He went by the name of Mac.

He was stationed at Eglin Airforce Base between 1969-1971. His wife's name at that time was Linda. They have a daughter, Amy and a son, Aaron.

Dennis Gerharz is a friend of mine and was stationed with Mac at that time. Dennis's wife is Dixie. Please contact Sharon at:
See also this additional listing

11th Armored Cavalry Regt (The Blackhorse Regiment)

Anyone trying to locate a member of the above unit who served in either Vietnam or Cambodia during the war contact:

11th ACVVC Locator
4218 NE 24th Street
Renton, WA 98059-3635


A reunion is being held in Louisville, KY on 1-4 AUG 1996!!

email to: Mike Brown for more information

I am Rick Ireland, served in 1st MT in Chu-lai, 1965. I am from Tipton, Indiana. I was a Corporal and served from 1965 to 1969 in Vietnam. Would like to hear from person(s) who may have served with me.

My current address is 2108 Lynn Drive, Kokomo Indiana, 46902.
email to:

I'm trying to assist a friend, Ricky Souza (Cumberland, RI), in locating a Marine buddy, L/CPL Carlos Ochoa. He served with Ricky in 1967 in the following unit in Vietnam: B Co., 2nd Plt., 1st Bn., 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. Ricky has tried without luck to locate him. He remembers that Carlos had lived somewhere in the southwestern part of the United States (not too specific I'm afraid) before joining the Marine Corps.

Please contact Ricky Souza through me, Charles R. Delobe, at:

I am looking for information on anyone from HQ CO, 168th Engr Btn (C) located in Lai Khe, RVN, 1968-1969, specifically Daniel John Melvin, originally from Cleveland. last known in Oakland Ca. in 1971.
David Lunsford, Anderson, Indiana
David Metzing, Anderson, Indiana
Marvin Anthony "Andy" Kiser, Lake Wales Fla
Bill Bennett, DAllas, Texas (?)

Contact: Randy Barton

I am CW2 Bart Wheeler, 189th AHC, Pleiku, from Apr 69 to Apr 70. I was a Charlie Model gunship pilot and my callsign was "Avenger VII".

Looking for anyone from Camp Holloway, or Pleiku area, especially other Avengers or Ghostriders.

Write at PO Box 1541, Henderson, Tx. 75653, Email at

I'm trying to locate anyone who might have known my father. His name is William Charles Newman Sr., or "Bill" to his friends. He lived on Clairmont Mesa blvd. in San Diego, with his wife Ann, his daughter Frances, and son(me)Chuck.

He was born on 2 Jul 52, and was in the Navy serving on the USS Bon Homme Richard in the mid thru late sixties. I'm not positive, but I believe he worked on aircraft hydraulics(the F8U crusader possibly). He left the active duty around 1970, and after 10 years of dissagreeing, I entered active duty in the Air Force.

Two weeks after I got out, he died from cancer. I never really got the chance to know my father as an adult, so any help filling in the blanks would be greatly appreciated. (P.S. I already know he wasn't a saint.)

Please contact Cid Newman at

Looking for anyone who served in Recon Platoon, 3/8th Infantry, 4th Div. out of Pleiku -Late 67 through June 68.

E-Mail Lloyd Bedick at:
or Snail Mail: Lloyd Bedik (DOC),
192 Scotland Ave.
Madison, CT 06443

Donald Trautman: 3/39 9th Infantry Division, 277th S&S Battalion.

Are you out there bro?

I've been searching for you for years.

Bob Roth at: BobR6969@AOL.COM

Any one with information on: GILBERTSON, ALAN D. KIA VIETNAM

I am trying to find out about my namesake Alan D Gilbertson, KIA in Vietnam. I would like to find out who he was and the circumstances of his death. There are few Gilbertsons and we all stem from the same Irish family. I would like to write to his family.

I was a Lieutenant in the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment - the Kiwis.

Please contact me, Dr. Dai Gilbertson at:

Dr Dai Gilbertson
Victoria University of Wellington
P. O. Box 600
New Zealand

64 4 495 5145 University
64 4 589 5011 Home phone/fax
021 620 388 NZ mobile

Trying to locate anyone that served aboard the USS LUCE (DDG-38) at decommissioning in April '91. Esp. a YN1 Herny (can't remember last name).

Also Captain Brown, assigned to West Coast after decommissioning.

Please email NC1 (SW) (Ret.) Eugene S. Hampton at

Looking for any information about 39th Engineers Bn.,937th Engr. Group. Also would to locate anybody from Hq&Hqs.Co.

Please contact:

Brian Ellis
Sp/4 S-4 Bn
39th Engr Bn(Cmbt)
Fort Campbell,KY 64 -66


DAVE BUDDENBAUM, CO B 1/327TH, 1ST BDE, 101ST ABN, MAR 68 - DEC 68, AND 1ST BDE (REAR) 101ST DEC 68 - MAR 69. Would like to hear from OLD BUDDIES.


Wanting to hear from members of the 131st AVN, CO INTELLIGENCE DET, NIGHTHAWKS, 67/68 HUE PHU BAI - IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?

Send email to TOMMY R. TURNER at:

Andy Nicastro is looking for Tom McCarthy.

When I was a student at Manhattan College (Riverdale, New York City), I knew Tom McCarthy. That was between 1960 and 1964. Since then we have lost contact, and I would like to try to look him up again.

Tom came from Yonkers, New York. I know that at some point Tom went to Vietnam as a paramedic (or some such function).

If you might know of his whereabouts, or can give me some further leads, I would be very grateful if you could pass the information to me.

One possible lead may be the Manhattan College Alumni Association, but I do not know an e-mail address for that organization. If you can help me with this, I will try there.

Please contact me, Andy Nicastro at:

Reunion "96" for anyone who served with A Trp 3rd Sqdrn 17th Air Cav 67-68.

Contact Darrell "Turk" Morgan at: E-mail address:

I'm trying to locate anyone who served with the 372 Radio Research (USASA) Company at the 25th Infantry Division in Cu Chi, VN from late 1966 through early 1969.

I am especially looking for members of the signal maintenance team.

Contact : John Watje at:

I am trying to locate anyone with the 7th of the First Cavalry who served in Vietnam during the period of 1967-69. I need information for material I am writing.

Please contact me, Vicky Rudy

1st Battalion 4th Marines , 1978-1968

Mike Cook is searching for members of 1/4 for the stated periods.

Please send e.mail to Mike at:





Lawerence Earl Nash is looking for his buddy:

Chuck Emerson
E4-rank, 173 Airborne Brigade

I am helping a friend, veteran Jim Haines locate anyone who served in 1967, B Company, 4th Bat., 39th Infantry, 9th Division, Bear Cat. He is really anxious to hear from anyone he served with or others who he can share his experiences with.

Jim can be reached at Address: 27 Pinion Circle, Black Hawk, Colorado 80403 or, you can E-mail any information to me, Jean Rose at:

Jim Soderholm was stationed at Eglin Airforce Base somewhere between Oct. 1969 and May 1971. His wife's name is Linda He was adopted and had no children at that time.

Art or C. Art McAnarnney was stationed there at the same time. Not sure of the spelling of the last name. His wife was Linda. They have a daughter Amy and a son Aaron. Both of Mac's parents were killed sometime in the early 70's.

Dennis Gerharz is looking for them. Dennis is from Kaukauna, WI. and was at Eglin at the same time as Jim. They become friends, but lost contact over the years. Dennis's wife is Dixie. They have a son, Brad and a son, Criag.

Contact via Sharon at:

Looking for anyone who served in A Company - 2nd 34th Armor 23rd Infantry Division in 1969 and 1970. Location "The Rock Crusher"-Fire Support Base Buel - Tay Ninh City

Please write to Mike Paris at:

My name is Arnie Payne, I served with A Trp. 1/11th Armored Cav. Regiment from Feb. 1970 to Jan. 1971. I am looking for anyone who served during that time.

"Del" short for Delfonse, "Yukon" FO from How Battery 11thACR.

I am also looking to get in touch with the family of Lt. Robert K. Henderson, Jr. KIA June, 19, 1970. I was with him at the time of his death.

Arnie Payne
8747 Clifton Way, Apt. 206
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
(310) 278-0605 Home
(310) 273-4032 Fax
email address: or

I am the Secretary of the "Swift Boat Sailors Association, Inc." We are having a reunion in Coronado/San Diego, CA in October 1996. Also, we are attempting to contact others who served in Vietnam (1965-1972) in these boats. Currently we have 250 members and a mailing list of 500, about 3,000 served during the war.

For further information, contact Ed Mundy at email:

Looking for ROM Plow operators of the Army Engineers for reunion in S. Dacota in August 1996

Contact PeterK6400 or send mail to Peter H Kreutzfeldt
1797 Sunvale Dr. SW
Wyoming, Mich 49509


Any Corpsmen with 3rd Marine Division, Recon./Force Recon or 3rd Shore Party serving between July 68-69 in Quang Tri or Dong Ha, I am preparing exhibit for Marine Corps. Museum, San Diego on Navy Medicine. Would appreciate photo's or other information to support my material.

Please contact: Dr. Marty Glasser, MD, at:

I am a Vietnam Vet and have been unable to locate the family of a DOUGLAS FILLEBROWN MOORE, born July 5, 1948, original hometown of AYER, MA, who was my co-pilot on a mission May 22, 1969, when he was killed in action. I have wanted to somehow locate his parents, or perhaps siblings, and tell them the circumstances of his death. I developed strong feelings for this action after becoming a parent myself.

I have written to church ministers in Ayer, Ma, but nobody had heard of his family. If you can help me get in touch with the family, I would deeply appreciate it.

Please Contact: Jim Manifold

My name is Ed Goodman. I served in Viet Nam Between the dates of Oct. 15, 1970 to Oct. 13, 1971. My main duty station was at Phan Thiet working at a small ammunition dump. I was attached to the 60th ordinance Co. SSGT William Boudreau was my sergeant in charge of the ammo dump. I would be interested in locating him. I was a spec 5. I now live in Maine.

Thank you

Ed Goodman:

Daughter Kim-Loan is searching for her GI father,know only by first name either NED or NAT who was born 1942 (same age with the mother DO THI NHO),served in Vietnam 1968 to 1970 . He was Head of Nurse in Binh Thuy Hospital,in the Navy. He has dark skin, Hispanic?

He met and lived with the mother DO THI NHO and her 7 years old daughter NGUYEN NGOC NGA sometime 1968-69 in CAI KHE market, CAN THO city. He left Vietnam 1970 when Kim-Loan was about 6 months old.

If anyone has any info please contact My or Mo at or leave mess. at 206-763-2971

name: Richard F.B. Ignacio
service: US Army
Vietnam 1967-68
Unit: 3d Radio Research Unit Ton Son Nhut, RVN
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

contact Jim Parten:

I need to locate anyone with IUWG-2 who served in Qui Nhon or Cam Ranh Bay from 1969-1970. (former (Lt(j.g.) Joe McLean, USNR)

My name is David Arthur and my father served in Viet Nam. His name was Raymond G. Arthur from Winsted, CT.. He served with 111th Av. Btln (D.S.) in Vung Tau from Aug 1963 to Aug 1964. He was the company clerk and a Spec4. I am interested in contacting anybody that new him.

Looking for soldiers with information from Feb. 14 1967 to Jan. 22, 1968. Battles, fire fights, anyone with this unit or any action with this unit.

Please contact me at: .

I will relay the information to my father John Macari from Brooklyn, New York at the time.

He served with this unit. If anyone remembers him or any major battles fought at this time, soldiers who were killed. Any information would be much appreciated so that he can process his claim with the VA.

Garry Fowler would like to locate one of his buddies - Ed Mykowski (spelled phonetically). They served in the army together in '68 - '69, Company B, 5th & 46th, 198th lt infantry, Americal Division, operating from LZ Gator.

Ed was from the New York City area or Long Island.
If anyone knows of Ed's whereabouts, contact Garry at

Looking for anyone who served with the 1st Bn. 4th Marines in Nam l967-1968

please contact Aaron Zeff at

Looking for former drill instructor, W.L. Osborne, from Paris Island (November 1968) for Anthony Valentino, who has no internet connection. Please contact by phone at 914-255-9460 (may call collect), or e-mail me at:

Dennis Moore
Former FMF HM3

My name is Art Melworm. I served with the 5/42 Arty in Vietnam during 1968. I was involved in some kind of "incident" on or about May, 2, 1968 -- possible a truck ambush or accident.

I have retroactive amnesia and no not know what happened to me. I am desperately seeking anyone who might know me, or know about that incident.

I can be reached at:

P.S. I am also trying to find the name of a Jewish Chaplain who went to Vietnam from Fort Leonard Wood, MO sometime around 1968. He was reportedly killed in a helicopter crash. I have never been able to say good bye to him.

Joe Shaffer, in Flagstaff, Arizona, is looking for anyone who worked at the 483rd USAF Hospital at Cam Ranh Bay, 1970-1970 or for anyone who worked at the 377th USAF Dispensary at Tan Son Nhut in 1970-1971, including the following individuals: Greg "Dutch" Datchuck; Don LeMoine; Bob Wery; Carl Reinhardt; George Moseley III; Ron Perez; "Robbie" Robinson; Roy Martin; Jose Tijerina; Gregory "John" Cerepak; Capt. Pam Buckley; Lt. Jan Slater; Capt. Cathy Rogenes; Lt. Patty Barnett; Dr. Mike Katz.

Send e-mail to:

I'm trying to help my parents, Dan and Karen Seyl, find a close friend that they thought they lost in the Vietnam War. They first met him in Hawaii, in Honolulu where my father and Roger were stationed together. That was in 1963 and the last time they saw him was in 1964 just before my father was transfered to the mainland.

At that time he was a PFC. I checked the wall and his name is not listed there so I don't know if that means anything. I think the last time they heard anything about him he was listed MIA. One last thing, he was from Canada, somewhere in Quebec maybe Montreal.

You can contact me, Heather Seyl, at e-mail: , or at #105 1876 W Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6J1Y9, (604)730-1171.

My father, Fred T. Schramm, is trying to find an old buddy of his. The man in question is Sgt. Alan Dunwell from Rockford, IL. He may have went to Northwestern. He served at Stewart AFb near Smyrna, TN and helped transport the base to Blysville, AK when Stewart was closed down. This was sometime in '68, Dunwell never got orders to go to Vietnam and he was out in Oct. '68. He was with the 314th at Blysville. I would like to help my dad find out where Dunwell is.

My dad can be reached at 704-563-2342 or 7301 Idlewild Rd Charlotte, NC 28212.

Or contact me, Honey Schramm at:

I lost all my addresses of friends in viet nam and often wonder about some of the Vietnamese that many of us got to know. the last six months in Viet Nam were at the 354th engineers just outside of Bao Loc about 80 miles north of Bien Hoa if memory serves me correctly.

We had a lady that worked with us and her dad was mayor of Bao Loc. She graduated from Berkeley and was a special person. because of her insights into viet nam and people not involved in the black market, because through her eyes the people she introduced many of us to wanted their freedom so bad they could taste it.

There was a young boy named Hoi who worked in the personnel dept. too that I often wonder if he got out, is there any way to check on these things?

Please contact: Mike Hagen at email

Oct 70-71 Ahn Khe 4th, Cam Rahn Bay and Bao Loc with 354th eng grp.

Would like to find vets from 1st bat. 3rd marines, company H and S. My uncle, Irv Lauren, served in this unit from the end of 66 through the beginning of 68. He served at Khe shan and was stationed out of Da Nang. He was with the the 7th Fleet.

Irv Lauren lives in Gurney Wi. He remembers a guy by the name of"ski" from Milwaukee. He used to smoke a pipe, and saw himself on the H.B.O. special "Letters from Home." He does have some films that he took while he was there.

Please contact James Foley at email:


Most.of.all.Bill.Watson.last.known.add.Snover.Michigan. to:

I am trying to contact anyone who knew, or knew of the circumstances involving the death of the following individual:

Sgt. Bert Austin Keeler
Troop C, 3 Squad, 5th Cavalry
Hometown: Weldon, Iowa
KIA - Quang Tri, 30 March 1968
(He had only been in-country about 30 days.)

Please contact me at the following address

Lee March
P.O. Box 456
Young Harris, Georgia 30582
1-800-241-3754 x5143

Any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for Michael Rodriguez. He lived on Hammersley Ave in the Bronx NY at the time of his enlistment in the Air Force about 1965-66. He did his basic training at Lackland AFB in Texas and from there he went to McConnell AFB in Wichita KS.

In 1969-1970 he was sent to Viet Nam. The last time I heard from him was 1971 and he was back at McConnell AFB. He was also a student at the University extension located at the base. I believe that was Wichita State University.

If you can help me find Michael I can be reached by email at:

or by regular mail at:

Anne S. Hickok
908 Dearborn Street
Iowa City Iowa 52240

I have a Pow-Mia bracelet that I would really like to return. I have checked that names on the WALL and his name is not listed. I guess that is a good sign. The name is S/Sgt. James M. Ray (3/18/68).

If he or any family member can be found I would appreciate it if he or they would contact me. It has been way too long of a wait to let James know that there was somebody out there wearing this bracelet and thinking about him all that time.

I can be reached at:

Amerasian Daughter Born in Nha Trang in 1967 Looking for Father

Her mother died giving birth to her in May 1967. Her mother's name was Bui Thi Hong, possibly nicknamed Rose. She either owned or worked at a shop on the USAF base named Roses.

Her father is believed to have been a USAF physician who lived with her mother in Nha Trang for several months. After mother's death father is believed to have sent a friend to find his daughter. He had already returned to the U.S.A..

If you think you might know her father or if you know how I could get a list of all USAF physicians who served in Nha Trang in 1966 please let me know. (It possibly could have been an Army doctor.) Surely the list couldn't be too long.

This young lady is beautiful, intelligent, and sensitive. All she wants is to know her father.

If you have any information that might help me, please write me at 601 W. Renner Road, Apt 235, Richardson, Tx 75080 or call me at 214-907-0055 ( my office open 7 days a week 9-5 CST) OR 214-470-9922 after 7 PM.

email me at:

Thanks for any help.

Monte M. Jones, an old US ARMY Vet (Vietnam Jan 66-Dec69)

I am trying to locate anyone who knew or served with my father, SSgt. Thomas H. Botts, who was assigned to MACV or MACVSOG and was killed in transit back to the world on Sep. 4, 1965 @ Ben Hoa.

Prior to arriving in country, he was stationed @ at Ft. Knox and spent several months training at the DLI in Monterey.

His state of record was Texas and he may have called Ohio home.

Anyone with information can contact Marc S. Botts at

Searching for an old collegue from Saudi Arabia

I'm trying to locate Richard Meyers from Florida.
Richard was crew member on (I believe) a Chinook in VN. While engaged on a Medivac mission his aircraft was shot down. He was I believe the sole survivor, suffering severe injury. I think he served in the USN.

He must be about 48 years old. I think he came from Fort Lauderdale. HIs father was of german origin.

Richard married a Scots girl in about 1980.

We worked together in Saudi Arabia at the King Fiasal Hospital Riyadh. He worked in the Cardiac Dept. I was a senior security officer.

Grateful for any help. Please Contact:

Paul BUTTELL at :

Doreen Tracey, one of the original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers, toured Vietnam with the USO, doing shows for military personnel. Now 52, Doreen is writing her autobiography. In the course of her travels, the trunk carrying all of her Vietnam photos got lost. She asked me to probe the Internet in search of Vietnam vets who might have pictures of her performing there. She assures me that any photos used will be credited.

By way of introduction, I'm a reporter with The Indianapolis Star & News. Doreen has been a friend of mine since we first met for an interview in 1975.

Doreen and I would be very grateful for any help you can give in this search. Many thanks,

If you can provide some help, please contact John Flora at :

My name is John Kinsey 1338 Carolina, Graham Tx 76450.

My Father is looking for men who served in the 4th C A G third platoon third squad III M A F who served in South Vietnam 1968.

My fathers name is Johnny Kinsey "TADA" . The men he can remember are Comstock, "thor", Millsap,Scott, Judge, and Mike Inog.

Please contact him through me at the above address

Would like any e-mail address of those who served with the 199th Light Infantry in "68 or '69. Also looking for specific names:

Lawrence "Larry" Cole (199th Inf.)
Bentley R. Wyatt
James Thompson (199th Inf.)
James Thompson (101st Airborne) (same name)
Bill "Tex" Carruth (199th Inf.)
Jim Willmot (199th Inf.)
Mike Wallace (25th Inf.)
Dennis Wall (25th Inf.)
David McCord (199th Inf.)
John (Skip) Newman (199th Inf.)
Russell Ellis (199th)
Deryl Goettling (199th)
Carl Brennaman (199th)
Sammy Rogers (199th)
Merrill Wells (199th)

Sid Wagner

email at: Sid_Wagner/





Advisor's all years and branches for Assn. We now have over 400 members.

Contact: Ben Myers
PO Box 6019,
Lk Worth Fl 33466-6019,

Vietnamese Armor Officer's here in the US are trying to contact ALL their former Advisors.

Contact: Ben Myers
PO Box 6019,
Lk Worth Fl 33466-6019,

I am trying to locate former Marine members of Hotel Company 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division from Vietnam. I am searching for members that served with the Company in Vietnam.

We have had one reunion this past April in Buffalo, NY and plan another in 1998 in Vegas. I would like anyone serving with H 2/7 in Vietnam to contact me.

E mail> or snail mail: J.R. Ross, P.O. Box 50681, Jacksonville, FL 32240-0681

My name is Khawi and I am looking for men that served with my husband. The greatest gift that I could give him is locating the men he served with.

My husband often speaks of a man named John January. The last ship they were on was the USS Arcadia AD23, then they were sent to Coronado for POW training. John January, a Cherokee Indian, shared with my husband valuable survival skills that were natural to Mr. January because of his culture during the POW training.

Here is information on my husband

Edward Pimental/USN-Dec.'65-Nov.'68
Unit:PBR MB1 NSA Da Nang(grunts called them 'River Rats')

My husband has mentioned some names: Bill Rice, Jesus Pardilla(cook), Frank Schaffe(was on the guns with), Barry(he cannot recall first name),Seaman Brown,Frank Alexander. These men served on PBR MB1.

I am looking for anyone who served with Company B, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969.

Also: Trying to locate: SSG Bentley R. Wyatt, Drill Sergeant, Fort Polk, La. in 1967.

Sid Wagner - Houston, Texas


I am looking for anyone who knew James, I Norton Jr. He was part of 1st Force Recon 65-67. I think he was in the 3rd bat. He is my step dad and would like to write too any of his old buddies.


Chris Rich
1031 SE 9th ST. Apt 11
Cape Coral FL 33990

email: SWCS07A.Prodigy.Com

Wayne and Iva Tuttle are trying to find members of Company C, 2/503d of the 173d Airborne Div. for a possible reunion.

Please contact:

Wayne Tuttle and Iva Tuttle
POB 303
Tomslake BC V0C-2L0, Canada

Phone: 604-786-5348

Trying to locate SGT John Priadka Troop G, 2/11th Armored Cavalry (BLACKHORSE) in RVN from 7/68 to 7/69 from Philadelphia, PA

Please Contact Mike Brown at MBROWN@BLOMAND.NET

I am looking for members of Recon Platoon, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, later with Americal (23rd) Infantry Division.

Those that were with the platoon at Schofield Barracks, HI (Jun 66-Nov 67) and those that went with the unit to Vietnam(Nov 67-Nov 68). Have already found Joe Bartley (platoon Sgt). Still looking for Cox, Davis, Danny Knupp, Lawrance, Doc Polaski (from Ohio), and others.

E-mail me " or call me "(812) 273-4984",

or mail me "Bill Adams 2929 Ohio Ave, Madison, IN 47250".

Thanks to everyone, Welcome Home!

If anyone has any information please call Les at (508) 548-4977, or write to 54 Falmouth Heights Rd., Falmouth, MA 02540.

Thank you.

Trying to locate an old friend from high school, Leon Yetz. He was from Monticello, NY and enlisted in the USMC in 1962.

If you have any information, please contact:
William Kitz at

I'm looking for Sgt. Thomas Wallace (Wally), and Sgt. Jack Patterson, both were in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Escourt Platoon) Time period January 1968 - February 1969.

Allen Clark
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Emory University
Facilities Management Division

I'm writing on behalf of my father who is trying to locate a Vietnam Veterans family.

We have a Pow-Mia bracelet as well as information on Michael G. Hoff that we like to return to the family. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Greg King

Robert (Bob) Viviano is looking for friends that were with him with 2/3 HQ CAG Marines 12/68 especially Leonard Stafarri (spelling) Morgan, Juliano, and Capt. Mitchell.

Bob was wounded 12/68. He can be contacted at phone: area code 618-4654802.

I am looking for members of 1/501st Inf. 101st Airborne 3-69 to 3-70 or Americal Div. people at Tam Ky 69 FB Proffessional on operation Lamar Plain.

Please contact Stephen R. Cruthis at phone: 618-4667823 or email at:

I would be greatly appreciative of any help I can get in locating a gentleman by the name of Col. Richard Marshall (U.S.Army,Ret.). In 1969, then Maj. Richard Marshal, was CO of Trp A, 7-17 Air Cav. at Camp Enari, Pleiku, RVN. He commanded Troop A from about August, 68 to August, 1969.

He served at the Pentagon for several years after and that's where I lost track of him. I believe he is from either Charleston or Columbia, S.C. I would appreciate it if Someone knowing the present location of Col. Marshall would be so kind as to forward this message to him. It has been too many years and I would like to see him again.

Mark L Holbrook

Looking for Sp5 Richard P. Mann. We were in Vietnam in 1972, North Vietnamese linguists assigned to the 303rd RRCUV at Ton Son Nhut in Saigon. His home was in Greenbay Wisconsin.

We studied Vietnamese at the Defense Langage Institute at Monterey California and when we left VN we were stationed at Fort Hood Texas until were were discharged sometime in August September 1973.

My name is Donald E Hard (Sp5). I can be reached at:

My father is searching for members of his platoon from Vietnam during -69-70. lost are: PFC Gary Welch, served with 2nd plt, C Co, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, area I-CORPS, Quang Nam Province He is from Oklahoma and probably from Oklahoma City.

My father is Mike Galyean, Sr. He was a First and Second Lt. in-country. He now lives in Winter Park, Florida, but does not have an E-Mail address. His home number is 404-740-5097.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Michael Galyean, (jr) also a former Marine

I may be reached at
or by phone (770) 518-0729 in Atlanta.

Looking for Major JoAnn Barton, U.S. Army Nurse, 249th General Hospital

Please help me locate a dear friend. Major Barton was chief nurse for the intensive care ward at the 249th. General Hospital in Asaka, Japan, from approx. 1967 to 1970. She was originally from Waterbury, Connecticut and would be in her late 50's or early 60's now.

A lot of you guys met Maj. Barton when you went throught the 249th.

Does anyone have any information?

Please contact me, Donnie Ashley at

My name is Leonard Podgorski. I served with the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam from June 1967 til June 1968. I was with HHC 3/319. I would like to contact anyone who was there in this unit.

Also a special buddie name John Snyder. We meet in 1965 in Columbus Ohio we both had just joined the army. He was from cleveland and I from Toldeo. We were together most of the time until after jump school. Then to different units until one day in November at Dak To he got off a chopper.

He was with the same unit but a differant company (A Company 319 art). After that day I never heard from him. I would like to locate him and say Hi one more time. His serial number is RA15748238 or Ra15748240 I can't remember if it was before mind or after.

Contact: Leonard S. Podgorski at: or OR

I am looking for ANY information on CMD Richard Rich, my father. He was shot down 19 May 67 over NVN,. He was the XO of the VF96 on the USS Enterprise. I was 4 when he was shot down and don't remember too much about him.

I would appreciate any information you might have about him.

Thank you and WELCOME HOME.

Your Little Brother Chris Rich
1031 SE 9th St. Apt 11
Cape Coral, FL 33990

I have been in the process of trying to find the person who probably saved my life in March of 1969 somewhere around the A Shau Valley. To date I've gone through the CD that supposedly has all the known phone numbers in the US and not had any luck. The person I'm looking for is:

SP4 Bill Baham
Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry, 1st Cav.

He would have been in Vietnam from around May 1968 and the last time I saw him was March 9, 1969 around the A Shau Valley area. Bill was either from Mississippi or Louisiana.

My Email address is:

Mailing address is:
John C. Looker
111 E. Main Street
Mason, Oh. 45040

Any assistance in locating Bill or a roster from March 9, 1969 would be appreciated. Thanks, John

I am interested in establishing contact with anyone that served in Pleiku, Vietnam during 1966-1967 with Troop C, 3rd SQDN, 4th CAL, 25th Infantry Division. I can be reached at this address and e-mail address:

Lonnie J. Studstill
4218 S.W. 253rd Tr
Newberry, FL 32669

I'm would like to locate David Odum who was an Electrican Mate in the US Navy during the late 60s and 70s. He and I attended Electrican Mate Class B school in 1969 after which he was transfered to the USS Samual Gomphers during Vietnam.

The Gomphers was the last contact I had with him. I know that he was married and his family resided in California while he was attending school. David is an afro-american in his mid to late 50s.

We where good friends during school, and myself and some of the other friends he associated with here in the Great Lakes area would like to contact him.

Please leave any information to: Dwight (J.J.) Johnson USN (Retired),

I'm trying to track down LCpl. Wade Early, Kilo Co., 3rd Bttn., 1st Marines. Last known whereabouts was the San Fernando Valley.

Please contact Bob Bayer 310 646-4080.


Wayne Tuttle and Iva Tuttle
POB 303
Tomslake BC V0C-2L0, Canada

Phone: 604-786-5348

We are trying to find members of Company C, 2/503d of the 173d Airborne Div. for a possible reunion. Please contact us if you know of any reunions planned, or are interested in planning one.

Looking for the family of 1st Lt. Loren D Hagen

Died Aug 7, 1971 while on a POW raid in Vietnam. For his actions on that day he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

He went to High School in Decatur, Ill.
Graduated from North Dakota State University in 1968
He lived in Moorhead MN as a child.
Last known address of his parents is Northfield MN

We are the members of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity in Fargo, ND. We are looking for his family so we can inform them of the Veteran's Memorial we are constructing in Lt. Hagen's honor.

If you have any information please contact us at:


Alpha Tau Omega
Attn: Veteran's Memorial Committee
1155 12th Ave. N
Fargo, ND 58102


(701) 293-8104 ask for Chet

I am trying to locate the company that my SO, Dennis Galloway served with in Vietnam. It would be D Company, 1st Bn, 5th Cav, 1st Cav Divison from December 1965 to December 1966.

Please help. Thank you.

Contact: Clara C. Kangas at

Ronald Kappler is looking for his friend and Vietnam Veteran, Michael Lochman

Please contact Ron via Fred Leff at

Members of A CO, 1/501st Inf., 101st Airborne, 3-69 to 3-70.

I'm looking for anyone who served with the company.

Stephen R. Cruthis at email:

My companion is a Vet, serving 3 tours in Vietnam...I am looking for the son or wife of his best friend Elroy F. Wells, who was KIA in 1970...He served in a Heavy Boat Unit 1079th, in the Delta...My companion Don Washburn, would love to have any information about Elroy's family.

Please leave any info in this E-mail address:

Kim Vallejo

Trying to locate Brian A Miller, USMC Veteran 68-69 Service #2468695. Served with Hotel 2/7 in 3rd Platoon as Machine gun squad Leader. Was from Modesto, CA but does not reside there now.

Believed not to live in CA presently. Went by the nickname RED. Searching for reunion.

Contact: J.R. Ross,
P.O. Box 50681,
Jacksonville, FL 32240-0681
E mail:

I am looking for all the Original Members of the "PHU LOI PATROL", 1st Infantry Division. The patrol started during October of 1967, and I left in February of 1968.

I am especially looking for "TINY" Thomas Heinz & Tom Donough.

My address:

Peter J. MacDonald
224 South Main St.
Randolph, MA 02368
Tel: (617)986-7543





Looking for any record of meetings or reunion's for 3rd Bn.26 Marines?

Also, would like to get any maps or photos of the area West of DaNang? I was there in 69 as a grunt.

Jerry Tuneberg

I am looking for members of H&S CO 106's 3rd Bn 9th Marines 65-66 who knew Stan Kopcinski KIA 5/14/1966.


From: Larry Banner

I'm trying to locate the following individual:
George Kateiva (not sure of spelling)
Quartermaster OCS at FT Lee VA, August 1966-January 1967. Commissioned January 26, 1967.

Served in Qui Nhon 67-68. Family from Philadelphia. He can reach me, Larry Banner, at
phone: 415-824-8421.

From: Tony Segarra

Help me locate:
David L. Brown
Hometown: Dublin, Ga.
Duty Station: Uss Endurance MSO-435 (late 60's)
Rank: 2nd Class Gunnersmate USN
Last contact made in Atlanta or Athens working at a VA hospital.

E-mail any info to Tony Segarra at:


I am looking for anyone who served with Battery G(MG)55th Artillery, Americal Division. Would particularly like to get in touch with the Lewis A. Palumbo who was the battery commander from Sep 70 to May 71 and held the rank of captain at the time. Also SP4 Travis Orr, served from about April 70 to April 71, and SGT Donald "Double Clutch" Chandler who served in the unit for about three years.

Contact :
Rob Cook
1901 Airy Circle
Richmond, VA 23233


David Regenthal is trying to locate an Army Nurse nicknamed "Pinky" who served with the 12th Evac at Cu Chi during January, 1969. Pinky was a 2nd. Lt at the time. David thinks she might have been from Pittsburgh, Pa. (not sure). Read his story re: Pinky Here .

Jonathan Dave Linkenhoker wants to make contact with buddies from Stag/1st Plt., B Co., 2nd Batt. of HERD (173rd)
Address: Roanoke, Va., P.O.Box 6401, 24017-0401. email:

Subject: Searching for Art Mcanarney

I'm looking for an Art or C.Art Mcanarney that was in a Ranger Camp between 1969-1971 with a Dennis Gerharz.

Please contact Sharon Hoehne at:

Subject: A BTRY 4th of the 60th ARTY

Please help me to locate Mr. Dick Milron or his nearest relative. He said he lived in either Michigan or Minnesota, but I don't know the town.

Master SGT Dick Milron, Section Chief, in charge of 2 (Dusters) 40mm anti aircraft guns used against enemy troops
Unit: A BTRY 4th of the 60th ARTY. (FASTER SHARKS 241 code name) Attached to C BTRY 6 of the 32nd ARTY-BIG GUNS during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

If you have any information regarding Dick Milron please contact Mr. Brad Poole, 6 Jackson Street Norton, MA 02766 who was a SP/4 in Vietnam, or reply by e-mail.
The address is

I am looking for Kathryn Duke Ritterman. Kathy and I went from Ft. Sam Houston, TX, to Walter Reed Army Med. Cen., in Wash. DC, to the 97th General Hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany. The years were 1969 to 1972.

Kathy married MSGT John J. Ritterman, went to nursing school after ETSing, and had a brother and a father named Paul Duke. She was from the Detroit area. If anyone out there knows how I can locate Kathryn D. Ritterman, please contact me.

For more information about me, see my home page at ""

Martha L. Minnick

David Cole is (in his words) "looking for grunts" from the 25th Infantry Division 4/9th Manchu's Charlie company 1969. David was a 1st Lt. and the Captain's name was Ramon Pulliam.

Please contact Vicki Whittenkraus

29 Field Arty H Btry 1967-1968 Viet Nam

I would like to find any of the members that were assembled at Ft.Sill in 1966 for Viet Nam including members of Class 1.

I can be reached at this address and e-mail address:


Any suggetions on how to contact and share memories with those who served at Phu Lam (it was a Signal Corps Relay Station), 1st Signal Brigade.

I served from Sept '69 to Apr '71.
Howard Hickman 72B40

I was recently in Vietnam, and met a former translator for the US army by the name of Mr. Son. I am trying to locate some of his former army friends.

They are: Lt. Robert William (1969-1970 in Mytho Prov.) (lawyer)
Cpt. Chest Whittle (1970-1974 in Mytho Prov.) (lawyer)
Cpt. Thomas Huges (1972-1973 in Rach Gia Prov.)

If you have any information, please contact: Eric at:


I am a Vietnam war widow currently working on my dissertation. The topic is about the women who lost their husbands in RVN. My study is the case histories of these women..their stories, experience, how they dealth with it then, how it has effected thier lives and families, the meaning they made of the war and their husband's death at the time and the meaning they give it now.

Of the current literature, there are approximately 6 articles that cover the topic of war widows, these can be found in 1 Israli journal published in 1982. There are approximately 20,000 Vietnam war widows (no one seems to know for sure)If you would be willing to participate in this project please contact me.

Sally B. Griffis
tel. 800/484-9373/2090. dial the 800 #, listen for instructions, then dial the extra 4 digits. (this is an MCI personal #)

From: Rick Hofmann

I'm the Locator for the 4th Pschological Operations Group Reunion Association.

"PSYOPS" Looking for anyone and everyone in the original 6th Psyop Bn. and its companies (pre-68) and the 4th Psyop Group and its battalions. More than 300 located so far. Lists available, but we're looking for YOU.

Contact Rick Hofmann,

From: joann

I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known my father.

My father's name was Sherrill Wayne Pennington (403-54-9972). He served in Vietnam sometime between 1967 and 1969, with the 9th Infantry. He was a Staff Sergeant (Military Police) who had served at Ft. Rucker, AL prior to and Ft. Knox, KY following his time in Vietnam. He was originally from Liberty, KY (Casey Co).

He may have possibly been a Green Beret. He was deceased in 1975 and I don't have any further info.
Thank you for your assistance.

Joann Bradee My e-mail address is

I am looking for a flutist from the military band who visited to the Music Conservatory in Hue and gave me beginning flute lessons for about 6 months. This was around 1970 when I was 12 year old and could not understand English well or remember his name.

He is a wonderful person with a blond moustache if I remember correctly. The first time the group was there, they gave us a wind quintet concert beautifully. I am not sure if the band was from the 101 Army Division or not. However, it gave a big concert at the conservatory as a farewell. I would love to hear from him or meet him someday.

If somebody knows his whereabout, I would appreciate your help very much in letting me know. I am currently living in Canada. My email address is:
and my phone number is 604-279-6139.

Thanks in advance,
Khanh Tran

I'm looking for anyone who may have served in the 1 Log, 29th Group, 610 Maintenance Batt., Phu Loi in 69-70. I was on a contact team located at Quan Loi.

I supported a 175mm and 8" gun battery at Quan Loi also in search of anyone who was assigned to Thunder 3 or Thunder 4 outside of An Loc.

Contact Kenny Guy at

I want to contact anyone with the helicopter unit, call sign MINUTEMAN.
Also, anyone with 2nd NVA Division in 67-68.

Michael Brennan
Contact at: Mcjar@AOL.COM

Larry Bourbonnais; (Captain America) is trying to locate guys he served with in Vietnam. Contact him at:
PO Box 849 Colorado Springs, CO 80901.
Phone: (719)576-7569

Time in Vietnam: Feb.'69-April'70.
Unit: Battery C, 1/14th, 198th LIB Americal Division.
Bases: LZ Professional, LZ Ray, Fat City.

3-4-1970: A Company, 1/16th, 198th LIB (FO team) Americal Division.

Trying to locate: Sgt. Mike Sutter, Jim Copus. Went through Professional in May 69 when it was the hottest LZ in the Americal for 2 weeks, and Lt. Denny Caufield: Fat City and the FO TEAM for 1/6th.

Michael Quinlan of Hyannis, MA.Tel (508) 428-5350 E-mail is trying to locate the following individuals:

Patrick Talmadge, SP5, B Battery 2/11 Artillery, Americalest,
RVN service November 1967 to November 1968.
Last known address: Sacramento, CA

Samuel "Sammy" May, CPL, B Battery 2/11 Artillery, Americalest,
RVN service November 1967 to November 1968.
Last Known Address: Tampa, FL

6th Bn 31st Infantry 9th Division 1969

Looking for information on the 6/31st. Reunions?
I was platoon leader/company commander of D Company in 1969 and have lost all touch with everyone.

Please contact:

Tom Slining
14331 22nd Ave SW
Seattle, Wa 98166

Would like to find copies of Pacific Stars and Stripes for the period September 1968 to December 1969, when I was a staff member of the Saigon news bureau.

I am specifically looking for issues containing my photographs and picture stories and other writings.

Michael Kopp, Wellington New Zealand

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
UNIT:1st Pl, D Co.,1st Bde,2/502nd Inf.,101st Airborne Division (Ambl)

INQUIRY BY:"Doc" Vlahovic.
2301 W. IMPALA
MESA, AZ. 85202
(602) 897-8332 PH. (602) 345-6686 FX.

DATE: 1970-71
RANK: E-3 OR E-4
MOS: 91B2P

2301 W. IMPALA
MESA, AZ. 85202
(602) 897-8332 PH. (602) 345-6686 FX.

Last Name: Martin
First Name: Unknown
Last Name: Stoulski (unsure of spelling)
First Name: He was called Dick could be for Richard

Division: ARMY
Location: Fort Lee VA
Time: March 1962

Why Searching. Are friends of the family.

Known Information. Mr. Martin and Mr. Stoduski were friends located at Fort Lee in March 1962. Mr. Martin has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Would anyone know how I could get a listing of people that were station at Fort Lee in March 1962. I would hope that there would be some kind of list that would have this information on it.

Please reply to

Thanks for your help
Rose Daniels

The short of the story is that an old friend would like to find out what ever happen to a Larry Barr, USA. Served in VN, lost contact after a few letters. Probably from California.

Contact Dave Tenny at

RA11423085 BIEN HOA A.F.B. 118th AV. CO. A.M.L. 8/63 8/64

Please contact me at:

From Kenny Guy

Wanting to communicate with anyon who was assigned to the 1st Log, 29th Group, 610 Maintenance Batt. Phu Loi, 1969-1970. I was assigned to a contact team at Quan Loi supporting a 175mm & 8" Gun Battery. Would also like to communciate with anyone who was assigned to Quan Loi in that time frame, or at Thunder 3 or 4 in An Loc Pro I can be reached at

Richard Eager is trying to locate Paul Aust. They served together in the 5th SFGA at A 104 in Ha Thanh during May of 1967.

Contact: Richard Eager at:

Christopher Kennedy would like to locate Ron Harper and other members of the 132nd ASHC Aviation Company who served in Chu Lai, Vietnam during 1968.

Ron Harper was from Asheville, North Carolina.
Contact: Christopher W. Kennedy at:

Ron Kinzinger is trying to get in touch with "Willer" (first name possibly Tom)
This is in regards to Le Bay from Saigon area.

Willer was in-country during 1971
Contact: Ron Kinzinger can be reached via John at

Leroy Delionbach is trying to locate his old buddies: Wade Medberry, Joe Bolt, and Tom Ruffing.

Contact: Leroy at

Joe Pasternack (E-5 U.S. Army) is trying to locate members of the following unit
71st Transportation Company
Qui Nhon, Vietnam
Contact: Joe Pasternack at

I am trying to locate the following person. It is very important that I make this contact. Please help me in any way possible

Name: Robert David Paugh

Unit: 299th Engr
Phu Tai
Qui Nhon, Vietnam

Time Frame: June 1969- June 1970 (approx)

Last Known Location: Falls Church Virginia (late 80's approx)

My information:

Address: Robert A. Hubler
2168A Oxford Rd
Andrews AFB, MD 20762
Work Phone Number: (301) 981-4950
Home Phone Number: (301) 599-6647 (leave a message)
E-Mail address:

Thank you
Robert A. Hubler.

A daughter is trying to locate her father. First name "Stanley". Her mother was a cook for the U.S. Army.

Time frame roughly just prior to the fall of Saigon.
Contact: For more information please contact Mr. Jim Roth at:
Phone: (509) 533-7058

I am trying to find Michael Lake
SVC Btry, 3BN, 11th ARTY, Fort Riley, KS 1968-1969

We did not serve in Vietnam, but did serve in the Vietnam Era.

Last known address (1970) Apt E, Queen City Apt. Gainsville GA 30501
my email address is

Joe Lynn
5627 Andrea Drive
Holiday FL 34690

Contact me at: & r To: Subject: Re: bein hoa a.f.b.

I am trying to locate anyone who served with the 1st Radio Research Co. in Vietnam. I served with the unit myself and I would like to talk with anyone who did also. My purpose is to gether information for the 1st Radio Research Co. Assocation and renew lost friendships and pass on news about a planned reunion in June of 1996. Any assistance you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated. We have not met together as a group for almost 20 years and we've lost contact.

I can be contacted at:
John B. Smith

I am looking for a friend that was in my unit in VietNam.

Here are the details:
Name: Jeff Templeton, MAJ
Unit: 4/39th, 9th INF DIV, Dong Tam
When: 1968, 1969
At the time he was S-3 officer for HQ Co.
Last known address, 1969: Los Angeles, CA

If found please contact:
Steve Hall
664 Bristol Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Many thanks,
Steve Hall

I'm looking for Michael Allen who was wounded from shrapnel during his tour in Vietnam. Following Vietnam, Mike was stationed at Fort Irwin in Barstow, CA. He hung out at Fran's Cafe in Barstow.

His home of record was Eureka, CA. I haven't seem him since 1969 went he was sent to Fort Ord. I think he was either an E-3 or 4. His birthday would have been June or July 1948. Please it is very important that I locate him, I have been trying for the last three years.


Donna Swinski

Who's Looking: Tom Denton

Email Address:
Unit: C Troop, 1st 10 Cav, 4th Infantry Division

Comments: I am a 'nam vet looking for other members of my unit.
Months/Years: July 68 to July 69
C Troop 1st 10 Cav. 4th Infantry Division July 68 -July 69.
If you could help, I'd be most thankful.

From Canada


Unit: 1/16, Big Red One

Months/Years: 1967 - 1968 Lai Khe , Dong Tam

Who's Looking: Richard Wayne Golden SP5-E5

Email Address: (c/o Colleen Charland)

Comments: Wayne is looking for contact with men from his unit. He was a cook with HO & "C" Company, 1/16 included in transfer to 9th Div. He served at Lai Khe and Dong Tam.

Contact him via Colleen Charland (email above) or:

Richard Wayne Golden
70 Barker St. Apt 210
Espanola, Ontario, Canada
P5E 1E6
Tel (voice and fax) (705) 869-5980

NAME: John D. Wilson III
UNIT: Recon Platoon, 2nd Batalion, 2nd Infantry, 1st Infantry Division
DATES: February 1966 thru February 1967

I'm trying to contact members of the Recon Platoon, especially anyone on the old Bat Crew! I can be contacted at (717) 361-8430 or via email at Old memories never fade away!

From: Steve Garrison

I am contacting you with the hope you may be able to offer some advice on locating a WWII veteran. Although I realize WWII is not your specialty, perhaps you could simply offer some direction.

I have a 75 year old uncle, Julian N. Garrison, who is trying to locate William R. Baldwin, Army 7th Div., WWII. Unfortunately, they lost contact in the 1960's, and now we seem to be having trouble knowing where to start.

If you could suggest some group or agency that may have some mechanism for searching, I would be in your debt. Please let me know if you have any information at the above address or my daytime telephone number (612)422-7790. Thank you for your interest and assistance.

Stephen N. Garrison

From: Sabatini, Ed

My name is Ed Sabatini, I was in Vietnam 19 Dec 67 to Oct 68. I was in the Recon Platoon 4th Bn 3rd Inf 11 Inf Brigade Americal Div.

Do you know of any Americal Div associations or 11th Inf Brigade associations etc I could get in touch with?
My e-mail address is

From: Rex Barron

I'm trying to locate an ex-grunt called Pat Troy who served with Co B 4th Bn 39th Inf,9th Div.

I had just finished my Vietnam tour with the Royal New Zealand Inf Regiment and had been posted back to Malaya when I met Pat on his R+R in Singapore.

There can't be many American soldiers who were priviliged to carry out a night raid on the British army nurses quarters smack in the middle of GHQ Far East Command.

I believe Pat came from Montana.

Contact Rex Barron at with any information.

Ed. note: Rex Barron hails from New Zealand.

Any members of the 237th Engineer Battalion at Wharton barracks in Heilbronn, Germany, during the period 1974 - 1977. Please contact Big John (A Company clerk) at


I am looking for anyone assigned to 3rd Mardiv SCAMP or Ground Surveillance (as it was called at first).

Especially looking for Joe Barto from Arizona.

Please send email to Eugene S. Hampton at:

I'm trying to find any information on my uncle Mike McCarthy's unit in Vietnam. He was with the 2/26, Golf company, 1st platoon from May 68 to May 69. Specifically, I'd like some information on operation BOLD MARINER. If you were there, or know anything,etc.. please contact me.

Lisa Fazio at:

I'm trying to locate Charlie Davis who was with either 3rd Recon Bn, or 1st Recon Bn at Quang Tri.

Contact: William Jeffries email:



Who's Looking:

Email Address:




Who's Looking:

Email Address:



I am searching for my natural father. His actual name, not a nickname, is Jerry. Unfortunately, I do not know his last name.

I was born on April 23, 1968 in Olongapo City, Philippines, just outside of Subic Bay Naval Station. So, my father must have been stationed there around June/July/August of 1967. I was told that he was going to marry my mother, Juanita Billones, but after an argument, he never showed up again.

I was adopted at a young age by an American couple, and my natural mother soon passed away after that and did not leave any information concerning my father. If you, by any chance, know of any Jerry who was stationed at Subic Bay around June/July/August of 1967, please email me at

I'm more thankful than you'll ever know.
Thank you very much. God Bless.

I'm trying to locate a buddy who just dropped out of site. He and I both served aboard the USS BUCHANAN (DDG-14) from Jan. 69-Aug. 71. We made two cruises together to Viet Nam. He was an RD2 (Radarman 2nd Class). His name is Edward Cambria (no middle name), originally from Holtzville, NY.

He still has family back in that area, but they all have unlisted numbers. He has a brother named Joseph (I think that's his name), and a sister, but I don't remember her name.

Last known address for him was in Clear Lake, TX in 1980. He was working for the Dressler-Atlas Company. He's a graduate from New Mexico State University, with a BS in Electronics Engineering.

His life-long ambition was to become a "spook" for the CIA or FBI. It could be he made it, that's why I can't find him anywhere. I've tried a lot of these computerized "phone book" services for Edward Cambria living anywhere in the US, but none of them have panned out for me. All the wrong Edward Cambria.

Any help out there would be greatly appreciated. I'd just like to know if he's still with us......Marc

Marc H. Falkenhan
Information Technology BITNET : FALKENHM@MSCD
Metropolitan State College of Denver

I would like to find shipmates from the USS Johnston DD-821 who made theVietNam cruise 11/67 thru 7/68

My name is Joe Connelly and was a 2/c Engineman on the Johnston during this time assigned to "A" division

I can be reached at America Online as

I live in the Detroit MI suburb of Livonia, MI

Kevin E. Dorning is trying to locate Brice Edward Williams.

They both served on the USS Wichita - AOR1 off the coast of Vietnam from 1968 through 1972. Brice was last living in Kansas City, MO.

Kevin Dorning can be reached at

Col. Davis is trying to locate a guy that he was stationed with by the name of: William J. Gross,( Billy Joe Gross) USN. If you hear of anything could you E-mail us and let us know.

Col. Davis can be reached using this Col. Davis last saw him in Long Beach Naval Station. On the Bon Homme Richard about 1968. Col. Davis said the guy always talked about places like Texas and some states up north. But as to where he is now, that is still a mystery. Appreciate anything you can provide.

From Gerald I am acting on behalf of Elizabeth Fay who is trying to locate her brother, JERRY SLATER. He is a Navy vet who served 71-??. I do not have rank or last post. We do have recent information that has placed him in the DC area. Jerry is 5'8", born 11/02/52, and his ssn is 557-92-7026. Last known residence was Fairfax, Va and employed at First Bank of Virginia in Fairfax. He has also stayed at a shelter: 802 N. Henry St,Alexandria,Va 22314 703-683-8034. Elizabeth can be reached in San Diego, Ca at 619-593-0659(h) or 619-279-8111(w). Thanks for your time in this matter. Sincerely,
Gerald Schoelen



Who's Looking:

Email Address:




Who's Looking:

Email Address:



Check the Coast Guard registry at Fred's Place for additional information on locating Coast Guard personnel.



Who's Looking:

Email Address:




Who's Looking:

Email Address:



Please help my step-son find his natural father

Douglas Bull is looking for his step-son's natural father, an Air Force Senior Master Sergeant named Fred S..... . The last name is unknown, but possibly may be something like "Shropshire" or similar. Fred S..... was stationed at U-Tapao Air Base in Thailand in 1975 (17th Air Force, 635 Combat Support Group ?) He may have been in charge of the office that issued base passes, etc. Fred probably doesn't even know he fathered a child!
Please contact Doug at if you can provide any information. You can also contact the squad leader for this section, Dennis Koho if you cannot reach Mr. Bull.

From: John Pierre-Benoist I've been on the look out for reunion news for the USAF people at Korat RTAFB -- 1966-67 -- especially the AGE shop.

I'd appreciate re-establishing contacts with any of them.

John Pierre-Benoist can be reached at