Last Patrol


Upon these fading eyes stands the image of names cut into this cold black stone of honor.


Upon these fading eyes is the image of young boys who went to war so very long ago

with a spring in their step and heads held high.        


Upon these fading eyes are the faces of lost friends who gave their all in a war not of

                they’re making so very long ago.                  


                Upon these fading eyes is the sorrow of tears that flow from a heart that was as cold

                                as this black stone.


                Upon these fading eyes is the image of soldiers as they file by on one last patrol.


                For we shall all march in that last patrol to the gates of Heaven in the memory of all those who stand in our place in fields of war far from home.



By Guy Jones, a Vietnam Vet Nov 68 – Oct 69.

v        Co A & HQ,43d Signal Battalion, 22d Signal Group, 1st Signal Brigade

v        Pleiku, Vietnam (MAC V compound)