M16 Rifle

Most military weapons would work even it they were dragged through the mud but not the M16.

To disassemble an M16 you push a pin out and it bends in half. At Fort Polk I learned to hold that pin in my teeth so as not to lose it while cleaning my weapon. When I got to Vietnam they told me that if a mortar round went off nearby while holding that pin that way, I would end up with broken teeth. I tucked it under the band on my helmet or I put it in a pocket after that.

Some guys had trouble with their M16 jamming when they needed it most. I didn't have any trouble because I kept it and the ammo clean. During the rainy season I carried it with the muzzle down and I kept it out of the water whenever we crossed a canal. I never set it down in the mud and if it did get muddy, I'd clean it. Even if I only had to fire one round, I'd clean it. Whenever there was a spare minute, I'd clean it. Clean M16 boo coo numba one!