Too many Skis

Most of us get a platoon of thirty or so men with names that respresent an assortment of ethnic and national back grounds. Once in awhile you get two Jones or some such, but Bravo Deuce of First Recon battalion was cursed with an abundance of SKI-s. We had Cpl Majekwksi, a rifleman, HM2 Mockreski (sp?), a Navy Hospital Corpsman, Cpl, Rozvodowski, a scout dog handler, and Cpl. Granduski, a radioman. There were few other SKIs but they passed through Bravo Deuce quickly.

Now in garrison it was not a problem, but on patrol or up on the OP at Hill 200 yelling "Hey Ski!" and having four to six heads pop up at once offers Charlie too much opportunity ... so in true Marine Corps fashion we improvised. One of the men said it really was quite simple. So we then had:


written by Brian B. Riley, Lt USMC(ret), Bravo Deuce, 1st Recon Bn.