Nash Montanez Hernandez

1939 - 1998
Vietnam Veteran

We lost a dear friend this week. Nash passed away on the 24th of June. A full blooded Mescalero Indian and accomplished musician, Nash performed traditional Native American music at Memorial Day and Veterans Day services at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico. We will miss him...his spirit lives on amongst us.

The following are Tributes from some of his Friends and some pictures

Aho! Grandfather: A warrior son returns to your camp. He served you well during his time in this world, and we ask that you care for him with your generosity, for he himself was a generous and gentle man. He honored you well with his music. We ask that you give him rest and strength. We have been proud to call him our Brother. You have been proud to call him your Son. Aho!

J. Rossie

In the Spirit World, there is much rejoicing today, for our Brother Nash, has joined them. We should rejoice, too, for we were privileged to have known him, however so brief.

Via con Dios, Nash Hernandez, may you find the peace so richly deserved!

Ramled, of Delmar

Grandfather we ask that you give Nash peaceful paths to walk......that as he passes from the forest of this life through the clearing of promise and into the forest of the new life you have for him, that he will be rewarded for all his kind deeds....for the caring and concern he had for others....and that his flute will continue to sing for you.

J&J Strott

Thank you, Rossie, for those beautiful words to describe our kind and loving friend. ...I can sit here and picture the warm gentleness of his face. Knowing him, even briefly, was a gift for all of us.

Nancy Smoyer

Nash, it is with tears in my eyes that I read these tributes to you and Grandfather.I know you are safe and at peace because as I sit and cry, I sense a presence of peace and laughter.

Thank you.

Doug Yelmen Doug Yelmen
Da Nang, Hu‚, on the River of Perfume,
then, up to the Cau Viet river between
Dong Ha and Quang Tri. On Mike-8 boat.
March-June 1968.
D/C August 1968.
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"Never Give Up"

"God is our refuge and our Strength, a very present help in time of trouble; therefore will I not fear.. though the waters rage, and the winds blow, and the earth moves, God is our Perfect Refuge. And in His Peace we send you, our Brother-in-Arms.. Peace to you, Nash Montanez Hernandez! May you pitch your tent next to the Waters of Peace, and there abide forever. May your soul not langish in thoughts of us behind, for we, too, in time will come to that wonderful Meadow of Peace, where you abide. Till we all meet again in our Father's House, know that we will miss you, brother! We will miss you.

Ken "Jake" Jaccard, YN3, USNR (Retired)
U.S. Vietnam Expeditionary Forces,
USS Hancock (CVA-19) - US Seventh Fleet
Southeast Asia Tour 1963 - 1964
"Coming Full Circle is the Passage we make back to Sanity.."


Our paths first crossed at UCLA when you were travelling with Carlos. You were doing a seminar on Native American flutes. You were talking, I was listening.

Imagine my surprise when I met you again at Angel Fire almost a year later. You were still talking, and I was still listening. I was just beginning my path along the Native ways. Your Apache bearing and wisdom outshone my washishu ignorance. Then, in 1997, I rejoiced with you because you were in remission. We had finally bonded.

This year at Angel Fire was one that none of us will ever forget: You were there in spirit, but your physical absence left a big hole. Now you are dwelling in the land of constant blue skies, fluffy clouds, and warm zephyrs. Walk in beauty, my brother.

Peter Worth

My brother; I knew you not, but I fought the same battles you fought and know by all the tributes that you were a truly good man and a brave warrior.May all your time be happy as I know it will be in the spirit world. Peace my brother.

Joe Ladanyi Jr.
101st. abn. inf.
1st. bde. 2nd. 502nd.
c co.

These two pictures were sent in by Gracie O'Brien..Vietnam Nurse and good friend of Nash.

Nash and Gracie
Nash performing in the chapel at Angel Fire

These pictures were sent by Peter Worth.

Nash at Angel Fire #1
Nash at Angel Fire #2
Nash at Angel Fire #3

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