About the Memorial

The North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located near a rest stop on the Interstate Highway between Greensboro, NC and Charlotte, NC.

It is approximately 30 miles south of Greensboro, and approximately 5 miles North of the Lexington, NC exit.

Access to the memorial is through the rest stop. The memorial may be reached from both sides of the Interstate by way of an underpass running under the Interstate.

The memorial is adjacent to the rest stop. Handicapped access is provided with a ramp running down to the rear of the memorial itself. Non-handicapped access is by way of a circular stairway, running down to the main entrance to the memorial.

The memorial is built on a site donated by the State of North Carolina Department of Transportation, and was built with private donations.

The memorial is a wall with a circular back, made of bricks manufactured in North Carolina. The center panel of the front face of the memorial contains the names of over 1620 North Carolinians killed or missing in Vietnam.

At the foot of the memorial are the names of the countries from which these fallen heores hailed.

The memorial park also honors the 216,000 North Carolinians who fought in the undeclared war.

A red brick path circles the park leading visitors from the main entrance to the memorial and back to the entrance again.

A commerative plaque at the enterance declares the park's purpose and the date of it's dedication.