Lance Corporal Norman W. Vancor

For extraordinary heroism while serving as a Radio Operator with Company C, Third Reconnaissance Battalion, Third Marine Division, in connection with combat operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam. On the morning of 7 May 1969, while Lance Corporal Vancor's five-man reconnaissance team was observing hostile movement in an area northwest of the Dong Ha Combat Base, the Marines came under a heavy volume of enemy small-arms fire and sustained two casualties. The team leader directed a withdrawal toward a pre-selected helicopter landing zone three hundred meters distant and as the men proceeded toward the designated location they again came under intense small-arms fire from North Vietnamese Army soldiers, mortally wounding two Marines and seriously injuring two others. Apparently believing that they had annihilated the friendly team, the enemy soldiers left their concealed positions and advanced toward the casualties. Lance Corporal Vancor, the only uninjured member of the reconnaissance patrol, boldly engaged the North Vietnamese, killing one and forcing the others to withdraw into the underbrush. He then administered first aid to his companions and contacted nearby aircraft to brief them on the current situation. Realizing that the critical conditions of the two men would not permit awaiting arrival of a reaction force, he made two hazardous trips along an unprotected ridgeline through two hundred meters of extremely hostile territory, successfully carrying his injured comrades to the landing site. Undaunted by intense enemy fire, he guided the aircraft into the position and directed the safe extraction of his patrol. His heroic actions and calm presence of mind during a critical situation inspired all who observed him and saved the lives of two Marines. By is courage, selfless concern for his fellowmen, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of grave personal danger Lance Corporal Vancor upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.