Please copy this letter and mail it to President Clinton, along with a short paragraph with your personal views for supporting normalization with Vietnam.

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Dear President Clinton:

We are writing to you as Vietnam veterans to ask you to establish full, normal diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

Determining the fate of our comrades who are still missing in action stands as one of our principal objectives. We are heartened by the progress in accounting for MIAs that you reported on Memorial Day. Some of us have returned on visits to Vietnam and have had the opportunity to meet the U.S. MIA recovery team, and we are aware of the views expressed by Senator John McCain and Senator John Kerry on the good cooperation by the Vietnamese. We believe that resumption of normal diplomatic relations with Vietnam will speed resolution of the remaining MIA cases.

Equally important, we believe that reconciliation honors those who served in Vietnam. The establishment of normal relations will support the economic reforms that have occurred in Vietnam over the past eight years. Constructive engagement with the Vietnamese government and the Vietnamese people will advance the values of individual human rights and the rule of law and will help mend the wounds that remain from the war within our own country and in Vietnam.

We urge you to take the lead in moving our country forward toward a lasting peace with Vietnam. Vietnam veterans across a broad spectrum of American life will step forward and support you.


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