Not my Fathers war but my war.


Growing up in the shadows of my father’s war I never believed I would fight in a war of my own.


Growing up you heard all the war tales of cold, hunger, and fear.


Growing up you saw the look in their eyes as they told of battles.


Growing up you saw the look in their eyes as they told you of lost friends.


Growing up you heard the catch in their voice as they fought back the tears.


Growing up you witness the dreams of battles being re-fought.


Growing up you witness some fathers who could not talk of these things.


Growing up I said to myself this will never happen to me.


But when I grew up it did in a far off land call Vietnam.


Now my children see those looks in my eyes; heard the tales of battles; the stories of lost friends; and they see me re-fight the old battles in my sleep and they hear the screams in my sleep.


Growing up I have become like my father a man living with his own demons.


Growing up I become a man who prays his child never has to live the hell of war.



Guy L. Jones(102201)

Vietnam Nov 68 – Oct 69, Pleiku Vietnam. 43d Signal Bn.