No Word Spoken

Sounds of a stream,
Hand signal directs,
Singing of birds,
We move in stealth,

Birds fall silent,
Hand signal, go down,
Quiet, no sound,
Brush shakes forward,

Hand signal, spread out,
Claymores set,
Monkeys fly,
Rain starts to fall,

Hand signal, quiet,
Rain, helmet to face,
Eyes pierce deep green,
We don't breathe,

One black pajama, two,
Four in sight, hold it,
They talk, they smoke,
We stalk with no movement,

Hand signal, on ready,
Claymore's fire,
Thumper fires,
Grenades fly,

Clips empty,
Screams of pain,
Thumper continues,
More rounds fly,

No more screams,
Hand signal directs,
Slowly we rise,
We approach death,

Insects on flowing blood,
Smells of death,
Still no spoken word,
Hand signal directs,

Bodies searched,
Maps, currency, watches,
Position marked,
Hand signal, forward,

No word spoken.

copyright © 1995 by Edward J. Domaleski Jr., All Rights Reserved

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