Old Friends say Goodbye.


As my wife holds me tenderly in her arms my tears flow down my cheek, as I look upon the names of old friends cut into this stonewall.


She whispers to me that it is ok just let it go, just let it go for she knows the sorry I feel deep inside my heart over those who have died.


As others stand near they cry also and I hear them say it is ok to cry for those who did not return home.


I feel the soft touch of a hand touching my heart and the soft-spoken words from the wall saying we are here to help heal your pain so let it go, just let it go.


As the pain flows from my heart I remember the joy of old friends at play, singing old songs, and the smile of old friends.


As my wife lets go of me I turn to the wall to touch its face smiling back at those old friends saying thank you for letting me let go at this time. Thank you.


Guy L. Jones, 092801.

Co A & Hq, 43d Signal Bn, Pleiku, Vietnam 1968-1969.