Patrols Of Note

(Updated 30 May 99)

Quoted below is this notation found in both of the July and August, 1966 Operations Of U.S. Marine Forces Vietnam, Fleet Marine Force Pacific. It was a report for the Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific. and passed on through the chain of command to the Commandant, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Defense Secretary, and on to the White House. It was a ongoing monthly report.

This was written and became policy, as a result of the tremendous success the 5- man recon teams had during Operation Hastings which took place in July 1966.

"Of increasing significance in the field of small unit tactics are the "Sting Ray" operations. This technique encompasses insertion of small reconnaissance detachments at remote locations, carefully selected to permit observation of areas of probable enemy activity. Artillery and air are pre-positioned and employed in direct support of these small outposts with the objective of causing heavy losses to the enemy at little cost to ourselves."

This is not a section describing how successfully we carried the war to the enemy. The following patrols are "notable" because they are examples of the tremendous price that was paid for in blood while we were carrying out our missions.

We will always remember!

George G. Neville, Jr.
3rd Recon Battalion 1966-67
Alpha, Charlie, 1st Force

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