The Soldiers of Phu Bai

This gallery contains photos taken at the Army's combat base at Phu Bai
This Side Toward Enemy -- VN Graffiti

My CO, Captain Alleyne

Steve Nirk--Supply Sergeant (the Powermeister)

Danny Mandel driving a "Mule" at Phu Bai

Dave Luce, Willie Utterback (left to right)

Danny Mandel "FTA" (Fun, Travel, and Adventure)

Don Terry and 55 gallon drums

John Marple and Don Ostrum (left to right) in their hootch with streamers bought from the gift shop

John Marple and Tommy Hutchins -- Beer call in the hootch.

Don Ostrum, John Marple, Danny Mandel, Steve Nirk in the hootch (left to right)

Don Ostrum playing guitar on the roof of our hootch in Phu Bai.