The following information is compiled by: the POW Network, Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA Inc., Homecoming II Project and was organized and typeset by Jeffrey S. Williams of Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA Inc.

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Prisoners of War (POW)/Missing in Action (MIA)

(by State)

Name Branch Rank DOL Place JCRC Remarks


Koslosky, Howard M. USN E-3 691002 NVN Category 5

Richardson, Floyd W. USAF O-4 670303 NVN remains returned-1989

Anderson, Thomas E. USMC E-4 621006 SVN Category 5

Upner, Edward C. USA E-6 651205 SVN Category 2 KIA Ground Combat

Jones, Johnny M. USA O-2 720424 SVN Category 3 KIA on Isle

White, Charles E. USA E-7 680129 CAM Category 2 Possibly Dead, Impaled

Bennett, William B. USAF O-4 670902 NVN Category 4 Survival Unlikely

Carlton, James E. USMC O-3 670417 NVN Category 2

Crear, Willis B. USA E-4 710215 LAO Category 2 Explode, no surv. obs.

Cusimano, Samuel B. USAF O-3 721228 NVN Released - 730329

Ford, Edward USA E-5 681209 SVN Category 4

Sause, Bernard Jr., USN E-5 750515 CAM Category 3 Mayaguez Incident

Hargrove, Olin Jr., USA E-3 671017 SVN Category 2

Harris, Cleveland S. USAF O-3 680229 NVN Remains returned - 1985

Hawley, Edwin A. Jr., USAF O-3 720217 NVN Released - 730214

Jones, James G. USN O-2 661112 SVN Category 5

Ketchie, Scott D. USMC O-2 720709 LAO Category 2

Palmer, Gilbert S. USAF O-4 680227 LAO Category 4

Robertson, John H. USA E-7 680520 LAO Category 2

Rockett, Alton C. Jr., USAF O-3 670602 NVN Category 3 No Chute or Beeper

Runnels, Glyn L. Jr., USMC E-4 670630 SVN Category 3

Stoves, Merritt III, USA E-3 670110 SVN Category 3

Cunningham, Carey A. USAF O-3 670802 NVN Category 2

Williams, Robert J. USA O-3 720511 SVN Category 5

Ruffin, James T. USN O-2 660218 NVN Category 3 Parachute Obs; Poss. KIA

Geloneck, Terry M. USAF O-3 721220 NVN Released - 730219

Bailey, John H. USMC E-5 670501 SVN Category 5

Reaid, Rollie K. USAF E-3 721221 LAO Category 2 Remains returned - 1985

Weimorts, Robert F. USN O-4 660422 NVN Category 5

Davis, Thomas J. USA E-5 680311 SVN Released - 730316

Stinson, William S. USA E-5 730108 SVN Category 1

Coleman, Jimmy L. USA E-3 690306 SVN Category 3 Shot On Bridge, Fell Off

Pattillo, Ralph N. USAF O-4 710216 LAO Category 2

Bannon, Paul W. USAF O-4 690712 LAO Category 4

Christian, Michael D. USN O-2 670424 NVN Released - 730305

Hicks, Prentice W. USA E-3 690325 SVN Category 2

Phillips, Elbert A. USAF E-6 680828 LAO Category 3

Graham, Alan U. USAF O-2 721017 NVN Remains returned - 1977

Kirsey, Robert L. USA E-3 660101 SVN Category 3

Pettis, Thomas E. USN O-2 670523 NVN Category 5 SAR Found Raft; Radio Contact

Williams, Thaddeus E. USA O-2 660109 SVN

Yeend, Richard C. USAF O-3 680609 SVN Category 2 Radio Contact Lost, SAR Neg.

Burnett, Donald F. USN E-8 680206 SVN Category 5

Deichelmann, Samuel M. USAF O-3 680906 SVN Category 4

Earnest, Charles M. USN O-3 721128 NVN Category 5

Hamilton, Eugene D. USAF O-3 660131 NVN Category 2

Lawrence, Gregory F. USAF E-4 681005 LAO Category 2

Parker, Udon USA E-4 660313 SVN Category 3

O'Laughlin, Stephen M. Civilian 651225 SVN Remains Recovered

Thompson, Benjamin A. USA E-6 681025 SVN Category 4 Lost in River, Prob. Drowned

Thackerson, Walter A. USA E-3 660521 SVN Category 2

Bobe, Raymond E. USA E-3 690316 SVN Category 4

Huggins, Bobby Gene USAF O-4 700604 SVN Category 3

Nogan, Jerry F. USN O-2 670121 NVN Category 2

Johnson, Allen L. USAF O-4 721228 NVN Remains Returned - 1985

Burnham, Donald D. USA O-3 680202 SVN Category 4


Shewmake, John D. Sr. USA E-6 701103 SVN Category 5 LCU Sank, No Survivors Obs.

Worley, Don F. USAF E-6 680311 LAO Not on Official DIA List; TDY Civilian/Lockheed

Bell, Marvin E. USAF E-5 700630 LAO Category 2

Mason, William W. USAF O-5 680522 LAO Category 4 Contact Lost

Oakley, Linus L. USAF E-4 711029 SVN Category 3