By the light of the Rising Sun


By the light of the rising sun can be seen a black beacon standing tall in the morning dew.


Out this wet mist march a black wall of names that lefts its form high into the sun.


As the light rises in the clear blue sky the wall begins to shine in itís own glory

††††† Callings out to one and all saying see how I stand tall.


Every man, woman and child who walks by sees the birth of life that comes from

††††† This black beacon. The birth of life is spirit of those whose names bring forth the faces of loved ones that are gone but not forgotten.


For the beacon calls out the names of those who stand before the Gods of War saying

†††††† I was called to server and I came as a man would.


I came so those who come after me shall never have to see their names on this black wall of tears.



Guy L. Jones, Pleiku Vietnam 68-69