Thur. March 27

Kim Hoi left at 6AM this mornig. I had breakfast with her and said goodbye to my new friend. Then I had to call the banks in San Antonio (we are 12 hours ahead so 4:30AM is a good time to call.) My bag with the exposed film and both check books, and asthma medicine disappeared somewhere between the airport taxi and my room. We have contacted the taxi company. Maybe they will turn up with it. Fortunately nothing of extreme value. I can get pictures from the others and no one can cash an American check with out an appropriate passport. I hate losing the bag, but it can be replaced.

I'm at Lan's right now. We are going to do a little sightseeing this afternoon. Then call it a day early. I'll finish today's entry when I send again.

So picking up where I left off, I think I never got the schedule posted. Small problem with the schedule..needed to allow time for the camera crew (Mitty & TJ, once they arrive) and the rest of us to meet with the powers that be in each province or veterans association. Also, as you guys kept sending more information, narroring our search, we found we could be a little more flexible as long as it didn't cause a breach of confidence for the business folks involved.

Lan and I did go shopping...had to come home early...too many of those green apples again, actually I think it may be the's worth it. they are delicious.

Friday, 28, March

The whole day wasted!! Had to start the Rx for "La Tourista". Imagine being in Saigon and unable to leave your room.

Bill McBride and Ann Kelsy called from La Marguerita in San Antonio - sounded to me like the "In Country" bunch was having a good time. Guys, you just gotta watch that frosty green drink.

I used today to re-read the messages giving directions to where we believe Bill died. Lan and I talked about the possible changes in the area. We will go there with someone from the area veterans association.

One challenge I've run into is the culture. The *oldest* widow was selected to talk with me. Her story was fascinating, but it wasn't the American War. Her husband was "sacrificed" in the French war.

Lan understands I'm searching for widows of the American war. And believe me folks this is not a random selection process...I get to talk to whomever the gov't officials say I can talk with. So Monday I'm supposed to meet 3 widows in the Cu Chi area. Tuesday 3 more widows living in the rural area of Ben Tre Province. Wed, Thur, and Fri will put us in the area of Vinh Long.

For most of the next week after the girls arrive on Sunday, we will be staying in the provinces so you may not hear from me for a while.