Where's Sally (and Sarah and Mitty) ?????

Updated: 29 July 1997

The information below was the original material on the Page as we tracked Sally, Sarah, and Mitty on their journey to Vietnam. They are back, and they had a very fulfilling trip...lots of emotion.

Mitty has produced a wonderful five-part series, "The Ghosts of War," which has appeared on a number of ABC-affiliated television channels. We are going to put pieces of it on this Page as soon as we can.

Be sure to see some of Sally's pictures of her trip at the end of this "original material."

Sally's Itinerary (subject to change):

Here are updated Maps showing Sally's planned itinerary and current location (plus or minus a couple hundred klicks or so), the Hanoi area, and location where Bill died. We'll update these from time to time as we get info on her pos.

Some great guys from the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association and Crew Members Network are working behind the scenes to pinpoint the location of where Bill was killed in a helicopter crash. We'll post those maps as available. See Sally's pictures below for photos of this area.

Any Trip notes or email we get from Sally will be posted here.

***View some of Sally's trip pictures Here.***