VN Casualty Information

A searchable database of soldiers who died in Vietnam. Contains 58,169 records. The entire file may also be downloaded from an Australian site (link to appear soon) in .tar format - 3.2Mbytes.

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Serving Historians, Veterans and Their Families.
Military owned and Operated.

Located in Washington DC, we're your number one source for military services and histories, as seen in over 20 veterans and historical publications!

We offer numerous services including:

  • Viet Nam Unit Records
  • Rosters
  • Unit Histories
  • Combat After Action Reports
  • Killed In Action (KIA) Lists (Viet Nam)
  • MIA information
  • Information on a Battle or Campaign
  • Information on a military friend (find an old buddy or relative!)
  • Photographs and photo repair service
  • Maps of anywhere! ALL of Viet Nam!
  • Millions of Photographs: aerials of base camps etc.!
  • Nationwide Locator: find old friends
  • Bibliographic Searches
  • Order of Battle
  • Tables of Organization & Equipment (TO&E)
  • Books!
  • Formerly Classified Reports
  • Muster Rolls & Deck Logs
  • World War II Captured German Records
  • Photo Fixer: We can make a clearer, new print of that old, damaged photo you have of old buddies or family.
  • AND MORE!!

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    1) Tell us the unit(s), operations or topics you are interested in. (If you have already told us, please briefly re-state want you want in your letter for clarity's sake)

    2) Be sure to specify time periods, if applicable.

    3) Just send $3 (cash only please) for our new expanded catalog which lists our services and other merchandise. ($5 overseas)

    Dept. AL
    1539 Foxhall Road, NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    Tel: (202) 338-4249
    FAX (202) 338-9134

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    Vet Counseling

    Frank Brunacci provides FREE veteran counseling services

    in central Illinois.

    Further information on this program can be obtained HERE

    National Veterans Legal Services Program

    "Empowering Veterans with information about their Rights!"

    Contact via e-mail
    or call the toll free number

    For further details, visit their Home Page ... but don't forget to come back.

    VA Claim Filing Assistance

    "...if you were in combat, you can receive VA money and benefits for that service."

    Professional services and information for filing claims with the VA. Latham Publishing provides a number of vital booklets:

    (Tips no one else will tell you)
    Cost: $15

    A collection of often asked questions with answers concerning VA rights and benefits.
    Cost: $8

    A bi-monthly newsletter of current tips on how to deal with the changing VA.
    Cost: $8 issues for $24

    Worth 10 times it's weight in a lifetime of well-deserved benefits and an sure end to VA hassles in the cat-and-mouse game of "proving your eligibility". "This booklet can be the most important decision you can make to put the Vietnam War or other United States sanctioned conflict behind you...and it is 100% guaranteed to work for combat veterans."
    Cost: $15

    Latham Publishing
    724 Hickory Road
    Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

    OR contact by EMAIL

    Dennis Latham is a combat veteran and former Veteran Outreach Program worker. He knows the system and the buzzwords you need to get the facts of your service experience into an understandable and effective written document that can be acted upon by the Veteran's Administration Rating Board.

    Full Service Print Shop

    Veteran's Quality Printing is owned and operated by Vietnam Veterans of California, a non-profit business in EUREKA, CA.

    Services include business forms, stationary, posters, brochures, NCR and full color process.

    Profits from the printing operation help support services for veterans of all eras and include job search, counseling, homeless, and crisis intervention.

    Support this business located at:

    Four West Fourth Street
    Eureka, CA 95501

    Email contact

    Psychological Assistance

    Former India Battery, 3rd Bat/12th Marines, 3rd Marine Div., RVN-1969, is now a practicing psychologist in MARIETTA GA. Has been working with Vets since 1984. Services and additional assistance free to Vets not able to pay.

    Gary L. Rogers, Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist

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