"Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Condon, USN, KIA 18 January, 1968 "

These two poems were written by Karen Horn for the "Sons and Daughters In Touch (SDIT)" Father's Day gatherings. They were provided by her sister, Corky Condon. Their father, Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Condon, USN, was killed while serving as a Navy UDT officer with UDT Team 12.


By Karen Horn


I can still remember like it was yesterday,
When your smile could take my tears away.

How we would talk, laugh, and play...
But now, that seems so far away.

Why did you have to go, Dad?
It still makes me so very sad.

To think, the last time I knew you
Was the day - I last saw you.

The need to hear your voice or feel your touch,
Still to this day - hurts so much.

Many years have passed, and I still grieve;
I wonder if this pain will ever leave.

And the tears - well, they never seem to go away,
Regardless of how much I smile or pray.

But for you, Dad - I can always manage a smile,
And reflect on our short lived past for awhile.

Besides the pictures I have kept,
Our memories are all that I have left.

But, Dad, because of you and all you were,
I have learned to accept and endure.

I've learned not to dwell on the sad things in the past,
But to cherish our wonderful moments and make them last.

Our moments together...may have been few,
But many more, than others ever knew.

Dad...find comfort in knowing
That I am still growing...

I have found great strength and support from others,
I consider them all my sisters and brothers.

We became united together by the Wall,
As you all were...by answering the call.

And because you all were our fathers,
We are now the sons and daughters.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.

copyright 1993 all rights reserved

Note: "Dad" was written by Karen in memory of her father, Robert E. Condon, KIA 1/18/68. This poem was read at the SDIT Father's Day Banquet, 1993.

"Children of the Wall"

By Karen Horn

We are the children of the Wall,
That is what we are,
One and all;
Children of men now gone,
But whose memories linger on.

That is all we have to cling to,
That is the way we make do;
We live life day by day,
Wondering what our fathers would say.

If the paths we have chose are right,
Do they justify our father's deadly fight;
Did they give their lives in vain,
Were ours untouched by their pain?

I think not--they would be proud,
No matter how many a gray cloud;
Whatever we may chose to do,
Their love will always ring true.

Sons and daughters of men who took the fall,
We are the children of the Wall.

copyright 1993 all rights reserved

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