Dedicated to the memory of 2nd Lieutenant Donald Matocha, USMC
KIA April 5 1968
Patrol Dallas Girl

Hello once again, fellow reconners and corpsmen. I am Stan (Doc) Sellers. I was with Delta Company, 3rd Recon Battalion in December, 1967, thru April, 1968, when I was air evaced back to the States.

I am writting this as a tribute to those Marines and corpsmen who served with Delta Company in R.V.N. during those years of our lives that our Country asked us to do what seemed the impossible.

However those young and old men of Delta Company proved the country wrong. They did their job without question . They did it with honor, pride and courage.

I, myself, have never known a group of men whom put their job first above any thing else especially their lives.

I would like to tell their stories and the history that they created in the Republic of Vietnam. Please help by sending any info to me or Bill McBride at the following e-mail address.

Thank you much
Semper Fi
Stan (Doc) Sellers U.S.N 

The Story of Dallas Girl by Stan "Doc" Sellers